Monthly Archives: August 2012

So, I’m actually getting close to being done with “Stage One” of Anachronistic Adventurers, as a concept. Soon I’ll have my original base classes and sixteen or so archetypes done, all ready for some pulp-style Pathfinder gaming goodness. And there is more to that direction, burbling secretly in the back burner.
But there are other things I’d like to do, too. Game settings I’ve kept in mind as I worked on these modern pathfinder classes. Wild, Wild, East. Pierced Veils. Sailpunk. Star Wardens. Plan Z.
I know what each of these needs to be a playable campaign. But that would have to be on top of the base classes. I’m not sure if I want to compile the Anachronistic Adventurer base rules into a campaignless book and then do setting-books for it, or product a single setting with core rules and then alternate setting-books, or release each one as its own complete setting with the base AA rules repeated in each…
Those decisions are a ways off yet. But it’s fun that it looks like I’ll actually get to a point where I’ll need to consider them.