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Wizard, Genius, and Ronin

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and support regarding the recent announcement that I would be joining Green Ronin as their Pathfinder Developer.

 Obviously my relationship with Green Ronin goes back a long ways, but it’s still a thrill to make the hop from “freelancer” to “on-staff developer.” That thrill is only multiplied by the fact I’ll be developing Pathfinder material for GR, which lets me combine two of my favorite things!

 A lot of people are wondering how this impacts my work with Super Genius games, and/or the Demiplane of Gaming podcast. Obviously even a part-time developer job impacts my available time, and in that regard I don’t know what the final balance of work and effort will be. But Chris and the GR crew aren’t putting any kind of restrictions on who I can work for, or how I present myself in public. As far as my contract with GR goes, I am still free to act as Lead Developer of SGG and as a freelancer in the industry. Green Ronin is about making great games, not about restricting it’s employees creativity. Obviously I need to take my priorities there seriously, but there should be plenty of time left for other pursuits.

 That doesn’t mean something might not change about my relationship with any of the groups I write for at some point in the future. I’m always examining how I handle my career, and just as conditions seemed right to join Super Genius, write for some Kickstarter projects, or start the Demiplane of Gaming with Steve Russell, at some point I might decide I need to change my involvement with those endeavors. But if I do it’ll be a result of my analysis of what’s best for both those projects and my own career, not a result of some restriction from the GR crew.

 I plan to remain very active on these boards, so while it’ll take me time to get up to speed eventually I’ll be free to talk (at least some) about GR’s future Pathfinder product plans.

Top Ten Thursday!

To celebrate my arrival in Great Falls, Montana (as a guest of the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous!), and to make up for the fact I was on the road Tuesday and didn’t do a Top Ten then, I present:

Top Ten Things I Didn’t Know About Montana Before Getting Here.

10. The highways adjacent to large plains often have massive reinforced snow fences, designed to get snowdrifts to build on the fence instead of blowing across or piling up on the road.

9. NO sales tax.

8.  *Wisconsin* cheese soup is amazing prevalent.

7. Elk are a big deal up here. Like, 1.4 elk per square mile.

6. Montana is nicknamed The Treasure State. As a result, I plan to begin to refer to the act of fantasy characters wandering through dungeons to kill things and take their stuff as ‘Montana-ing”. (The state’s motto Oro y Plata means gold and silver.)

5. The state’s name is derived from the Spanish word montaña, meaning mountain. (Wait, this state is Treasure Mountain? This IS a Pathfinder campaign setting!)

4. It is illegal to have a sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone. (Seriously.

3. They have Dutch Caramel Waffle Cookies.

2. The Hot Dog Express is often found adjacent to the Town Pump.

1. Before an establishment can get a gambling license, it must first have a liquor license. As a result, Bar/Casinos, Restaurant/Casinos, and even Liquor Store/Casinos are all common. As in, a dozen on every block common. Laundrymat/Casinos are slightly rarer, but multiple examples exist. (“At least when you lose your shirt, it’ll be clean!”)