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Why the Movies SIGNS Makes Perfect Sense

I have explained before (at needless length) about why the movie 2012 makes perfect sense. ( So, here is why Signs makes perfect sense.
The aliens are drunk frat boys in an intergalactic hazing.
Think about it. If rich (rich enough to afford stellar travel, anyway), entitled humanoids are running around naked in an environment that is 2/3 made of harmful materials, and they are so incapacitated they can’t figure out how a door handle works, and they are crashing children’s birthday parties, what else could they be but drunk teens performing stupid dare-based bonding rituals?
In fact, they are SO drunk their wormhole drive gives members of the preacher’s family time-traveling visions of the moments just before they hit the tachyon overdrive to leave the planet (“Swing away”).
It wasn’t an invasion. It was a flashing incident gone wrong.

Twenty Three Years and Counting

Twenty three years ago Lj Hamilton did me the honor of marrying me and taking my last name. It was a decision I had taken more than a year to make, because I took it very seriously. It was also, bar none, the best decision I ever made.

Lj and I are a partnership, so we both get at least partial credit for anything either of us have ever accomplished. My writing career is a spectacular example of this, as without Lj’s encouragement, support, and help (especially in the first few years, when she took the time to edit my every magazine submission before it went in to the staff). It was her idea to submit  articles to Dragon and Pyramid, go to the TSR RPG Writer’s Work in Seattle, and apply for the job I got at WotC in 2000.

Together we’ve faced the deaths of family and friends, moved across the country and back, put in hundreds of hours of road trips (generally playing solo rpgs for half the time as we ground through the miles), screamed a few times, laughed a lot, cried an few times, and learned that while we cannot always guarantee our partner’s success, we can create an environment where it’s safe to try and fail.

Once we’d been married about a decade, we started being asked from time to time, what our secret for success was. Lj encapsulated it once, and it’s a great bit of wisdom I will never forget.

“If you love someone, act like it.”

Love you, sweetie. Happy anniversary.