Pathfinder Class Spell Lists

Class Spell Lists
When designing Pathfinder-compatible spells, it’s important to know what classes get their own spell lists, what classes share a list and get mentioned in the “Level” entry (sorcerer/wizard), and what classes use another class’s list and don’t specially get called out in the “Level” entry (it’s “cleric” not “cleric/oracle” or “cleric/oracle/warpriest”).
The following classes (with a note as to their source) receive their own spell lists:
AlchemistAPG            Levels 1-6 (Not technically spells)
Antipaladin APG        Levels 1-4
Bard                   Levels 0-6
BloodragerACG           Levels 1-4
Cleric/OracleAPG*      Levels 0-9 (Listed only as cleric, unless it is oracle only)
Druid                          Levels 0-9
InquisitorAPG           Levels 0-6
MagusUM                Levels 0-6
Paladin                           Levels 1-4
Ranger                       Levels 1-4
ShamanACG              Levels 0-9
Sorcerer/Wizard*        Levels 0-9 (Listed as sorcerer/wizard except for single-class spells)
SummonerAPG           Levels 0-6
WitchAPG               Levels 0-9

These classes use the list of one or more other classes
ArcanistACG, uses sorcerer/wizard                  Levels 0-9
HunterACG, uses both druid and ranger           Levels 0-6
Investigator ACG, uses alchemist                      Levels 1-6 (Not technically spells?)
SkaldACG, uses bard                                         Levels 0-6
WarpriestACG, uses cleric                                Level 0-6

*Rare examples exist of a spell for only one of these classes, such as mnemonic enhancer for wizards and oracle’s burden for oracles. Such spells almost always are linked to a mechanic strongly tied to the class it is restricted to.

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