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Find Weakness #Microfeats

Find Weakness. Prereq: Alertness or base attack bonus +1. When a foe you threaten rolls a natural 1 on an attack roll, skill check, or saving throw, it provokes an attack of opportunity from you. #Microfeats

Muses Gone Wild

Ah, brain? What are you doing brain!?
No, DON’T listen to Muse. We don’t need any inspiration right now!
What did she say? No, I don’t care… What the hell is a Five Mana Band?
‘Rockomancy’? We don’t have time to write rules for rockamancy!
“Battle” rules? What, like a Battle of the Bands? But with magic, as part of ongoing modern adventures based around traveling supernatural warrior bands?
What the hell? How much were you drinking when you watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World during the Green Ronin Publishing summit, anyway?
Cut it out, Muse! I don’t have time for this!!

Compulsion Toxin #Spelltweets

Compulsion Toxin (alch 6) You turn a potion, poison, or elixir into a conteingent toxin. It lasts 1/day level or until discharged. A creature that drinks it must make a Will save or be affected as by contingent scroll (ACG), with the contingency chosen by the alchemist and the affect ebing the normal affect of the poison or potion. #Spelltweets

Takeaway #Microfeats

Takeaway. When a foe takes an attack of opportunity against you, if your foe misses, you can make a disarm attempt against the foe as a swift or immediate action.
One per round you may provoke an attack of opportunity from all foes threatening you as a free action, even if it is not your turn. #Microfeats

Compulsion #Spelltweets

Compulsion (brd/mes/occ/psy 5) As contingent action (ACG), but enchantment (charm, mind-affecting), target 1 creature, dur 1 day/level or until fully discharged, not harmless, caster determined both condition and readied action created by the spell, and that action is taken 1ce per 5 caster levels before it is discharged. #Spelltweets

Blind Stinking Drunk Fighter #Microfeats

Blind Stinking Drunk Fighter. Prereq: Improved Unarmed Strike. You gain a bonus to melee attack rolls, melee damage rolls, and skill checks, when suffering the confused condition. This bonus is equal to 1/3 your hit dice, +1. When confused, you cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate, and Ride) or any ability that requires patience or concentration, even if you “act normally,” and if you roll the result “attack nearest character,” you never attack an ally.
If you have any amount of alcohol or narcotic available to you, you may choose to becomes confused for 1d4 rounds by consuming the alcohol or narcotic as a standard action. #Microfeats

Allied Analysis #Spelltweet

Allied Analysis (brd/clr/inq/mes/pal 3, psy, shmn/wtch 2) as companion life link (ACG), but duration is 24 hours, and target is willing creature touched. #Spelltweets

Martial Mastery #Microfeats

Martial Mastery. Prereq: Base attack bonus +1, Knowledge (local) 1 rank. Once per round as a free action you may make a Knowledge (local) check regarding a creature you have seen take an attack or full attack action. The DC for this check is equal to the Knowledge DC to identify it. If you succeed you learn 1 combat feat possessed by the target. For every 2 by which you make the check, you learn 1 additional combat feat possessed by the target.
Additionally, when determining prerequisites for feats, you treat your ability scores as being higher by an amount equal to your base attack bonus. #Microfeats

Hléradr #Spelltweets

Hléradr (Shaman 8) As climbing beanstalk (ACG), except it summons a tree, for which the base can be up to the caster’s level in feet in radius, and the height is up to x10 the height of a climbing bean stalk. Pocket dimensions within the the tree act as mage’s magnificent mansion, which acts as guarded by guards and wards. If a seed of a plant from another plane is used as a material component when casting hléradr, once per day climbing the tree can be used to climb a branch to that plane, traveling as though by the plane shift spell, and able to :climb back” to the trees location within 24 hours of arrival.#Spelltweets

Chainsaw Hand #Microfeats

Chainsaw Hand. Prereq: Must have suffered a critical hit, and decided (as a player) that it disabled your arm, and played the character one arm down for an entire character level.  The cruel fates that took your arm, gave you access to a replacement. You have a chainsaw (Tech Guide) as a hand. (Yes, even as a fantasy character.) You can use it as a one-handed weapon (dealing damage as if it was one size smaller), or two-handed, but you can’t use the arm with a chainsaw hand for anything else (including  using a buckler) except reloading things that take two hands to reload (which you clutch to your chest with the chainsaw arm).
The chainsaw is as difficult to remove as a locked gauntlet. You are considered proficient with it as long as it’s attached to your arm. Pure luck provides you with one charge per day to recharge it. If your hand is ever restored or replaced by another option, cruel fate takes your chainsaw away, and this feat becomes Toughness or Iron Will. #Microfeats