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Mak’Tar Stealth Haze #Spelltweets

Mak’Tar Stealth Haze (bard/witch 4) As greater chameleon stride (ACG/APG), but all foes in area treat anyone you select as having chameleon stride, and the bonus to stealth is +1/caster level for stationary creatures, #Spelltweets

Fancy Footwork #Microfeats

Fancy Footwork. Prereq: Improved Unarmed Strike. You gain a +4 bonus to your CMD against trip maneuvers. If a foe attempts a trip maneuver against you and fails by 5 or more, you may immediately attempt a trip maneuver in return as a free action. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity, and you cannot be trips as a result of failing this maneuver (even if your foe has Fancy Footwork). #Microfeats

Sleeve tangler #Microfeats

Sleeve Tangler. Prereq: Str 13, Dex 13, Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike. As a standard action you can make a special grapple check with 1 arm without penalties. If you succeed neither you nor your target is grappled, but your target is entangled. You can take a swift action each turn to maintain the entangle, which prevents you from using the arm used to make the special grapple check. Your target cannot move away from you or end the entangle until it beats you at an opposed Strength check or an opposed grapple check (though it can use Escape Artist in either case). #Microfeats

Flotsam #Spelltweets

Flotsam (drd/shmn/wtch 3) As buoyancy (ACG), except target floats just beneath the surface, and must take a standard action to force it’s head high enough to take a breath each round. #Spelltweets

Welcome to Beardhelm!

#OverheardatPaizo: “I DO like the portmanteau of ‘Beardhelm’ though.”
“Well sure. It sounds like a dwarven city. ‘Welcome to Beardhelm!'”
“I’m from Aleforge, myself.”
“Oh, where is that located?”
“It’s five mountains north of Axestout.”
“My god, you can take any two words that people think of when they think of dwarves and jam them together for a city name.”
“What about Cheapcallous?”
“Clearly a family name. ‘I am Clanfather Bastard Cheapcallous.”
“It’s a BAD family name.”
“They’re from Runescowl.”
“Oh. Yeah, that explains it.”

With My Last Breath #Microfeats

With My Last Breath. When killed (or destroyed, if undead), you may immediately take a standard action as if still alive. You may not ready or delay with this action. Once per day, you may do this is you are merely knocked unconscious. Regardless of what action you take you cannot be healed of damage of any kind, and at the end of your action remain dead or unconscious, as appropriate. #Microfeats

Wicked Ricochet #Spelltweets

Wicked Ricochet (antipal/blrdrger/mgs/rnger 4) As bullet ward (ACG) but works against all ranged weapon attacks and deflected attacks are shot back at their originator using your caster level as the attack bonus. #Spelltweets

MOVE IT, SOLDIER! #Microfeats

MOVE IT, SOLDIER! Prereq: Bardic performance. When an ally is confused, cowering, dazed, disabled, frightened, nauseated, panicked, paralyzed, staggered, or stunned, you can snap them out of the effect with a command to get MOVING. The target must be able to see and hear you. As a special form of bardic performance you spend a number of rounds of bardic performance equal to half the save DC of the effect that caused the target’s condition (or spend 10, in the case of effects with no save), and suspend the condition for 1 round. You can maintain this performance each round by expending 1 more round of performance. The condition’s duration runs normally while it is suspended, the target just ignores the condition’s effect. #Microfeats

The Bad Idea of the Week!

A small armored mammal of the order Singulata that loudly screams when it sees anything dangerous.
If firmly thumped on the head, it “snoozes” for 7-9 minutes, then starts screaming again.

Elemental Vengeance #Spelltweets

Elemental Vengeance (alch/drd/wtch/wiz 4) As body capacitance (ACG), except it applies to any energy type, you don’t take the elemental damage, and it only applies to one energy attack of your choice during its duration. #Spelltweets