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Half-Dead Fetus on the Side of Your Head #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

Half-Dead Fetus on the Side of Your Head. You have a half dead conjoined twin stuck to your body. The Half-Dead Fetus on the Side of Your Head (HDFotSoYH) acts as a tumor familiar, as the tumor familiar alchemist discovery, with an effective alchemist level equal to your hit dice for determining the tumor familiar’s abilities… except it can’t detach from you. And if it is killed, it must be raised, though at half the spell’s normal cost. If you are killed, a spell can raise you at half the normal cost. You can disguise the HDFotSoYH (and it need not actually be on your head), but this is as difficult as disguising yourself as a creature of a different type (and all other Disguise checks are at -5). #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

Sustaining Zealotry #Spelltweets

Sustaining Zealotry (clr/inq 4) As guardian of faith (ACG) but not harmless, and also causes target to act as if charmed by your god (treating your god as a trusted and valued friend), and grants a 1d4/2 caster levels lay on hands with one mercy/4 caster levels of your choice each time it is transferred #Spelltweets

Webcloud #Spelltweets

Webcloud (drd/shmn/wtch/wiz 3) As glue seal (ACG) but affects one ten-foot-cube per level, and can be placed in midair (making the area difficult terrain for flyers) #Spelltweets

Creepy Doll #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

Creepy Doll. There is a creepy doll that always seems to turn up near you, no matter what you do to get rid of it. As a result, you are ready for almost anything. Or at least, ready to panic and flee from almost anything. If a surprise round occurs that you would not normally be allowed to act during, you may still act during that round. However, the only actions you can take are total defense or withdrawal. Additionally, when you are unconscious and bleeding to death, you automatically stabilize… and the creepy doll is always found nearby covered in your blood. #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

With theme music!

Gentle Current #Spelltweets

Gentle Current (drd 1) As gentle breeze (ACG), but gives target +5 bonus or penalty to swim checks, at your discretion #Spelltweets

Total Spastic Panic #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

Total Spastic Panic. You are the most dangerous when you are afraid. When you suffer a fear effect, you gain a +10 ft. bonus to movement, a +4 dodge bonus to AC, and the threat range of all your attacks increases by 1 (after all other adjustments). All the fear effects are also applied normally. If the impact of a fear effect is negated or reduced, you do not benefit from your Total Spastic Panic. #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

Future to the Back

In 33 minutes, relative to my own time zone I will, as far as my brain is concerned, live in the future.
Yes, it’s an entirely arbitrary definition of the future based on a time travel comedy, but it has real meaning for me. Unlike many things I watched that happened in “the future,” from the time I saw them – such as Escape From New York, 2001, Clockwork Orange and (and the upcoming ‘futures’ for Running Man, and still-far-out Demolition Man), BtF2 really felt like a far-off but achievable date that would come *someday*.
I used to be really concerned about the future, but those thoughts are mostly back-burnered nowadays.
The future has some awesome stuff. Netflix and Internet are awesome. Stadium seating in theaters is nice. There’s some social stuff I didn’t even realize were issues in the 1980-s that we’ve made major progress on (and some we haven’t).
I’m married. I’m a professional game designer. I live in Seattle. I can order a book from a device held in my hand at 3am and have it to read 90 seconds later. People add bacon to donuts. Lord of the Rings movies exist, and are amazing.
Smart phones, which mean I have my own communicator. Electric cars. Mars probes.
Overall, I’m pretty happy with the future.

Though jetpacks would have been cooler.

Coven Mistress #Spelltweets

Coven Mistress (witch 5) As font of spirit magic (ACG), but benefits apply to all spells of your allies. #Spelltweets

Creepily Long Arms. #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

Creepily Long Arms. Your arms. They are long. Creepily long. You only take a -1 AC penalty to use the Lunge feat, and it lasts until the beginning of your next turn. Special: You can take the Lunge feat without meeting its prerequisites. #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

ArTifact Tuesday

No promise this’ll happen every Tuesday, but I thought it’d be fun to showcase modern versions of artifacts that have shown up in campaigns of mine.
Corvin Queen’s Shadow

Aura strong necromancy; CL 20th

Slot shoulders; Weight —


This cloak of black feathers fades into the wearer’s shadow once donned, and cannot normally be removed again by anyone, including the wearer. The Corvin Queen’s Shadow protects the wearer from death. Entirely. No force can kill the wearer (though it offers no protection from unconsciousness, capture, petrification, polymorph, and so on).

As a side effect, the wearer is also protected from life, which means the whoever bears the shadow cannot gain experience points or levels, cannot retrain, and basically cannot appreciate the events she experiences.


If the Corvin Queen’s Shadow is donned by an undead, which is then destroyed, it turns into a Memitim psychopomp and flies away.