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Campaign Mythology

After seeing a Meme about various creation myths, I found myself wanting to do a campaign world mythology where the main races were all crafted from some specific element by their gods.
Such as:
Ysiries made humans out of barley, and from wheat, from which he also wove his home in the Divine Mountain. It is thus that humans are drawn to till the land, and are crafty and able to adapt, and their colors and styles are many.
Ysiries also made halflings, from cotton, giving then a soft appearance and thistles to defend themselves. It is thus halflings are drawn to comfort, and textiles.
Thograr made dwarves from rock and his sister Sifre made gnomes from gemstones. And when Thograr was slain by Gorrog, his blood spattered stone, from which game the deep races of duergar and svirfneblin, who never saw the smile of Sifre.
Gorrog made orcs from blood, and fire, that they would be quick to anger and strong in the face of the horrors to come. And he made goblins, from his phlegm, that they would be small and fast. And he made titans, from the bones of Thograr, tall and strong as the divine power they were carved from, but the sin of their creation lead the titans to devolve into the giants and cyclops, with whom the dwarves always feel great enmity.

And so on.

Focused Sagacity #Spelltweets

Focused Sagacity (shamn/wtrch/wiz 1) As focused scrutiny (ACG) except the +10 bonus is to Knowledge and Spellcraft checks regarding the target and its spells, and the +5 to counterspell attempts. #Spelltweets

Hit It In The Head! #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

Hit It In The Head! You are trained in wounding monsters in ways to bypass their supernatural protections. If you successfully identify that a monster has DR, fast healing, or regeneration with an appropriate Knowledge check, you may choose at the beginning of your turn to take a -4 penalty to all attack rolls you make against the creature. On a successful hit, you damage bypasses the target’s DR and ignores its fast healing and regeneration (but not other types of healing).

You can instruct others on how to damage the target in the same way as a move action, but their imprecise knowledge causes them to take a -8 penalty on attack rolls when attempting such attacks. #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

Song of Wrath #Spelltweets

Song of Wrath (brd 5) As flexible fury (ACG), but area is a 10 ft/level radius centered on you, and effect grants flexible fury benefit to all allies in the area. Allies that do not have for rage powers gain 1 for the duration, treating their level as barbarian levels to meet its prerequisites. #Spelltweets

Choir of Creepy Spirit Children #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

Choir of Creepy Spirit Children. Sometimes your actions are highlighted by the singing of a choir of creepy spirit children (CCSC). Whenever you are in a situation when distractions or threats prevent you from taking 10 on skill checks, and you roll a natural 20 on an ability check, attack roll, saving throw, or skill check, you bank 3 rounds of CCSC. If you have at least 1 round banked, as a free action you can activate the CCSC, making Stealth impossible but giving you bonuses as if a bard with a level equal to half your hit dice was using inspire courage on you. You may end the CCSC as a free action at the beginning of any round, or it ends automatically if you have no rounds left. Your banked CCSC rounds reset to 0 at dawn each day. #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

Incinerating Spheres #Spelltweets

Incinerating Spheres (drd 8) As greater flaming sphere (ACG), but summons 2d4 spheres, each does 9d6, and each sphere also has the attacks and abilities of a Large fire elemental in addition to its normal properties. #Spelltweets

Run Upstairs #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

Run Upstairs. Your best bet is often to flee INTO the psycho killer’s lair. Prerequisites: Dodge, Mobility, Run. When you take a full-round action to run toward an area that is, to the best of your knowledge, more dangerous and/or at least as dangerous but with fewer exits than your current location, you gain a +4 dodge bonus to AC until the beginning of your next turn or you take an attack, whichever comes first. If you shout loudly enough to draw attention from areas beyond your line of sight, the dodge bonus increases to +5. #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

Panicdrinker #Spelltweets

Panicdrinker (wtch 7) As greater magic weapon, except the weapon gains the ability to treat any target struck as if targeted by feast on fear (ACG), with no HD limit and granting 10 temp hp for each creature affected. Each target can only be forced to save against this effect once, then becoming immune to future panicdrinker effects from the affected weapon for 24 hours. #Spelltweets

Axe-Wielding Maniac #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

Axe-Wielding Maniac. In combat you are a frightening visage of crazed anger. Prereq: Vital Strike. Select one melee weapon you can use with one hand with which you are proficient. When using that weapon (even if using it two-handed) and making an attack using Vital Strike (or it’s improved or greater versions), if you hit a foe you may make an Intimidate check to demoralize the foe as a swift action. Additionally, you add your Vital Strike (or greater or improved) damage to any successful attack of opportunity you make before your next turn. #Microfeats #HalloweenisComing

False Friend #Spelltweets

False Friend (wtch 9) As familiar double (ACG), except target is any one creature (who receives a Will to negate), and only the target’s allies are fooled by the illusion (making it more difficult for them to target the creature with beneficial effects). #Spelltweets