Demon Hand “#Microfeats” #AnimeWeek

Demon Hand.
One of your hands is actually a shapechanged demon. Which has ups and downs…
Prereq: Familiar or animal companion.
Your familiar or animal companion becomes a demon which takes the place of one of your hands. If you were missing a hand this is great. If not, now you are missing a hand… but it’s okay because a demon lives there! If it’s otherwise empty, the demon hand can take a single partial action of its own each round (doing only the things that could be done by an imp serving as an improved familiar for a wizard of the same level as whatever class gives you a familiar or animal companion). As long as you are conscious you get to decide what actions your demon hand takes, but if you are knocked unconscious and it isn’t, it can do anything you could do with one hand. The demon hand otherwise acts like your hand.

The demon hand is considered part of you when you have harmless spells cast on you (so if invisibility is cast on you, the demon hand is also invisible), but is treated as a familiar in your space for other purposes. It cannot leave your space. The demon hand generally has a face on the palm or some other sign it is a demon hand, which you can conceal with a Disguise check with a +10 bonus.

Any time you are affected by a mind affecting ability or spell, you can take only partial actions. Your demon hand also gets to take partial actions, and can do anything you can do with just the one hand. The demon hand isn’t necessarily going to do what you want, but if you die it dies, so it’s generally inclined to be helpful.

If some effect severs one of your limbs it’s always the demon hand, which runs around and causes trouble until you grapple it. Treat it as an imp that can’t fly. Once you grapple it, it automatically reattaches. Your own hand can never be restored, because you have a demon hand (even if the demon hand is loose).

Since you have a demon for a hand, you detect as chaotic, and evil, as if you were a demon of your HD total. You also detect as your true alignment. Effects which are more harmful to evil outsiders than your true alignment or type treat you as an evil outsider.
“#Microfeats” #AnimeWeek

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