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Demon Hand “#Microfeats” #AnimeWeek

Demon Hand.
One of your hands is actually a shapechanged demon. Which has ups and downs…
Prereq: Familiar or animal companion.
Your familiar or animal companion becomes a demon which takes the place of one of your hands. If you were missing a hand this is great. If not, now you are missing a hand… but it’s okay because a demon lives there! If it’s otherwise empty, the demon hand can take a single partial action of its own each round (doing only the things that could be done by an imp serving as an improved familiar for a wizard of the same level as whatever class gives you a familiar or animal companion). As long as you are conscious you get to decide what actions your demon hand takes, but if you are knocked unconscious and it isn’t, it can do anything you could do with one hand. The demon hand otherwise acts like your hand.

The demon hand is considered part of you when you have harmless spells cast on you (so if invisibility is cast on you, the demon hand is also invisible), but is treated as a familiar in your space for other purposes. It cannot leave your space. The demon hand generally has a face on the palm or some other sign it is a demon hand, which you can conceal with a Disguise check with a +10 bonus.

Any time you are affected by a mind affecting ability or spell, you can take only partial actions. Your demon hand also gets to take partial actions, and can do anything you can do with just the one hand. The demon hand isn’t necessarily going to do what you want, but if you die it dies, so it’s generally inclined to be helpful.

If some effect severs one of your limbs it’s always the demon hand, which runs around and causes trouble until you grapple it. Treat it as an imp that can’t fly. Once you grapple it, it automatically reattaches. Your own hand can never be restored, because you have a demon hand (even if the demon hand is loose).

Since you have a demon for a hand, you detect as chaotic, and evil, as if you were a demon of your HD total. You also detect as your true alignment. Effects which are more harmful to evil outsiders than your true alignment or type treat you as an evil outsider.
“#Microfeats” #AnimeWeek

En Garde #Microfeats #WeaponWeek

En Garde (Combat) You have been trained to protect yourself in combat without sacrificing your offensive skills. Prereq: Int 13, Combat Expertise, base attack bonus +1. When you are wielding a one-handed or light weapon with one hand, and have nothing in your other hand, you do not suffer Combat Expertise’s penalty on melee attack rolls on the first attack you make each turn. You still suffer the penalty on any additional attacks, including attacks of opportunity. #Microfeats #WeaponWeek

Cunning Combatant #Microfeats #WeaponWeek

Cunning Combatant. You fight smarter, not harder. Prereq: Int 13. A number of times per day equal to your Intelligence bonus, you may add your Intelligence bonus to the damage done with a successful unarmed, weapon, or natural weapon attack. You must make this decisions after knowing if the attack hits and rolling damage, but before seeing the effect it has on your target. #Microfeats #WeaponWeek

Warcicle #Spelltweets

Warcicle (shmn/wtch 4) As holy ice weapon (ACG) but the weapon can be any melee weapon sized appropriately for you, and it flies and can be directed to attacks your foe as a spiritual weapon. At caster level 12, it acts as spiritual ally, and the weapon can be one size larger. #Spelltweets

Haul Off and Swing #Microfeats #WeaponWeek

Haul Off and Swing. You have a big, simple fighting style designed to smash things with big, simple weapons. Prereq: Power Attack, Weapon Focus, proficient in all martial weapons. When wielding a 2-handed melee weapon (or 1 handed melee weapon with 2 hands) that has a threat range of 20 and a x2 crit multiple, and using Power Attack, roll the base damage dice of the weapon twice for the first attack you make with it each round. This stacks with the extra dice from Vital Strike. You may only use this feat with weapons you have selected for Weapon Focus.

#Microfeats #WeaponWeek

Deadeye #Microfeats #WeaponWeek

Deadeye (Combat). No matter how furiously you let shots fly, you always focus on the first shot of a volley. Prereq: Dex 13,Deadly Aim, base attack bonus +1. When you are wielding a longbow or heavy crossbow, and using the deadly Aim feat, you do not suffer Deadly Aim’s penalty on ranged attack rolls on the first attack you make each turn. You still suffer the penalty on any additional attacks, including attacks gained from Rapid Shot.

#Microfeats #WeaponWeek

ArTifact Tuesday — The Thaumatioun

This won’t happen every Tuesday, but sometimes I showcase modern versions of artifacts that have shown up in campaigns of mine.

The Thaumatioun

Aura strong transmutation; CL 20th

Slot — (see text); Weight —


A jet black octahedron roughly the size of a typical human male’s thumb, the Thaumatioun orbits its owner like an ioun stone, but cannot be caught or removed (even by its owner ) as long as its owner is alive and conscious (even if helpless). No other ioun stone functions for or will orbit the owner of the Thaumatioun. To be considered the Thaumatioun’s owner, a creature must continuously hold the stone in one hand for a lunar month (often requiring it be tied to the potential owner’s hand). The artifact then treats that creature as its owner until a new creature manages to hold it for the required period.

The Thaumatioun is totally nonreflective in mundane light, but any magic effect within 30 feet causes one of the eight sides to glow with a specific color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violent, or white), with the intensity of the light reflecting the power of the magic present. If the magic effect remains, the glowing side of the Thaumatioun turns to face it (or multiple sides rotate to face the magics activating them, if multiple auras are present). This allows anyone familiar with its function to detect magic, as the spell, on objects within 30 feet. Gaining one round of observation is a free action, but concentration is required to gain the details of two or three rounds of observation.

The Thaumatioun can also cast spells, as if a sorcerer or oracle of a level equal to half its owner’s hit dice. If the owner can cast arcane spells (but not divine), it acts as an oracle. If the owner can cast divine spells (but not arcane) it acts as a sorcerer. In any other case, it is randomly determined when it is first gained by a new owner. Each time it gains new spells known its owner may make a will save (DC 20 + highest level new spell known the Thaumatioun gains) to select the spells. On a failed check, they are determined randomly. On a natural 20, the owner may also reassign one previous spell known at each spell level. The Thaumatioun does not have a bloodline or mystery, and does not gain any other abilities or the sorcerer or oracle classes.

It takes a swift action for the owner to instruct the Thaumatioun to cast a spell, which takes the artifact the normal casting time (though it continues to move with its owner as it casts). The owner must maintain the desire for the spell to be cast, and thus must make special concentration checks (1d20 + HD + Constitution modifier) whenever a spellcaster would be forced to make a concentration check (such as when damaged during the casting time). Any failed check indicated the spell is lost, and spell lost wasted.

After casting a spell, the Thaumatioun cannot cast another spell for 1d3 rounds. It treats all its spells as spell-like abilities, but if it casts a spell that normally has an expensive focus or material component, it cannot cast that spell again for 30 days. Its owner must meditate with it for 1 hour for it to regain spells. This can only be done once every 24 hours, but the owner need not be well-rested.

The origin of the Thaumatioun is a mystery, but numerous fiendish cults and churches of gods overseeing magic consider it a holy/profane relic. Ancient texts sometimes refer to it as the First Mage’s Tear, the Tenth Level Spell, and Mortals’ Last Gift, though it is unknown if any of these names are based on true insight into its origins.


If the Thaumatioun is instructed to cast dispel magic, disintegrate, or disjunction on itself, the owner must make a Fortitude save (DC 20 + highest level spell the Thaumatioun can cast). If the save succeeds, the Thaumatioun is permanently destroyed. If it fails, the owner is permanently destroyed and the Thaumatioun teleports to a random location on a random plane (usually into a well-protected vault). This save is made only with the owner’s base save, ability modifier, feats, and class features. No outside force, including magic items, spells, or even divine intervention can alter, grant bonuses or penalties to, or reroll this save.

Thaumaturge, a Pathfinder RPG Base Class in 2 paragraphs + I sentence.

Thaumaturge: The thaumature is a base class that grants the greatest possible range of spells available and spells per day… and nothing else. Use hit dice, proficiencies, base attack, base saves, starting wealth, and starting age as an arcanist. Use class skills as an arcanist, except you do not receive Use Magic Device as a class skill. Gain 4 + Int mod skill points/level.

Gain cantrips, spells prepared, and spells per day, as an arcanist with a +1 bonus to each value for every spell level you can cast spells (so a 1st level thaumatuge has 3 spells per day, and 5 0-level and 3 1st-level spells prepared). Gain spellcasting and spellbooks as an arcanist. However, you can select, learn, copy into your spellbook, and cast spells from any class’s spell list. If the spell has a game mechanical prerequisite you cannot meet (such as modifying how your bardic performance works, when you have no bardic performance) then casting it has no affect. You can select spells from classes that don’t use spellbooks through scrolls, selecting them as your 2 spells known gained at easch level, or spell research, as if they were sorcerer/wizard spells.

You gain no other class features.

Greater Witch’s Ward #Spelltweets

Greater Witch’s Ward (shmn/wtch 8) As greater hex glyph (ACG), except when it is discharged you may choose to automatically teleport yourself to the ward, or have the creature that set off the ward teleported to you (as by greater teleport). #Spelltweets

Rapid Slash #Microfeats #WeaponWeek

Rapid Slash. You can make blindingly fast melee attacks with nimble weapons. Prereq: Dex 13, Weapon Finesse. To use this feat you must be wielding a light melee weapon or one-handed melee weapon with which you can use Weapon Finesse in one hand, and either nothing or a buckler in the other hand. When making a full-attack action with the melee weapon, you can attack one additional time this round at your highest bonus. All of your attack rolls take a –2 penalty when using Rapid Slash. You cannot use Cleave (or any feat that has Cleave as a prerequisite) when using Rapid Slash.
#Microfeats #WeaponWeek