Top 30 Geek Cursewords

And yes, #1 is Frak. But if you want to broaden your use of dorky explitives beyond “dork,” here are 29 other geeky cursewords to go with frak, each with an example usage and notes on origin.
Of course, now I’ve told you what #1 is.

“We’re going to take one in the wrinklies now!”
From Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series; refers to testicles/balls ‑ both literally & figuratively.

29. Hab SoSlI’ Quch!

“Oh yeah? Well Hab SoSlI’ Quch!”

From Klingon “Your Mother has a smooth forehead.”

 28. Daggers

“Since you are late, you get no lunch.” “Daggers!”

An exclamation, from Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire

27. Semprini

“Don’t be a semprini!”

From Monty Python’s Flying Circus television show. Never exactly defined, this is one of the words supposedly banned from the show. Used to refer to a part of the body, but is also the name of an aftershave.

26. Meps

“I’m in serious trouble! Meps!”

A call of frustration and consternation, from Coneheads.

25. Zarking Fardwarks

“What in the name of zarking fardwarks is the old fool doing?”

From The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; seems to be a substitute for “fuck”; possibly a blasphemy on the Great Prophet Zarquon

24. Great Googley Moogely

“You misspelled “pharaoh” on the back cover in the last editing pass.” “Great… gooley moogley.”

From a Snickers commercial. Replaces “Oh My God.”

23. Joojooflop

“One whole joojooflop situation”

From The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

22. Thoddo

“You… HUGE… thoddo!”

From Farscape; same meaning as “idiot.” Also acceptable: fahrbot, greebol.

21. Poodoo

“You smell like Bantha poodoo.”

From various Star Wars sources. Apparently used as a Huttese version of “shit”. Commonly used to reference the excrement of the bantha herd animal.

20. Sprock

“Oh, sprock it!”

From the Legion of Super Heroes comics. Mainly as a substitute for “fuck”

19. Rassin‑frassin

“You rassin-frassing kids stay off my lawn!”

From Hanna‑Barbera’s Jetsons & Flintstones a derogatory adjective of some kind. Possible corruption of the German curse “Ratzen‑Fressen” or “Rat Eating/Eater.” Also uttered by Yosemite Sam in Warner Bros cartoons.

18. Boll‑yotz

“That’s some boll-yotz, right there.”

From Farscape; same meaning as “bullshit”

17. Shards

“I burned my tongue on hot soup! Shards!”

From Anne McCaffery’s Dragonriders of Pern novels. Used as a substitute for “shit”, but apparently refers to the shell of a broken dragon egg.


“I stubbed my tow! Thrackazog!” (For use when towing something that could be stubbed.)

The name of an extra-dimensional being from The Tick. Rhymes with “Three yaks and a dog” and “laxative log.”

15. Feldercarb

“He said he wasn’t cheating on me, and I called feltercarb!”

Functions as both “shit” and “bullshit.” From the original Battlestar Galactica.

14. Shazbot

“Hey, you have to work on Christmas.”   “Shazbot!”

Orkian exclamation of consternation, from Mork and Mindy.

13. Tanj

“I just found I have to work on Christmas. Tanj it!”

Stands for “There Ain’t No Justice.” A generic expletive coined by author Larry Niven.

12. Bleep

“I hit my hand with a hammer! Bleep it!”

From Larry Niven’s Known Space stories; the bleep used to censor profanity eventually turned into a swearword itself.

11. Grud

“Oh. My. Grud!”

From 2000AD’s Judge Dredd. A general expletive, though also used as a substitute for “God”

 10. Great Zot!

“It’ll cost $600 to fix your car.” “Great Zot!”

From the B.C. comic strip; same as “Good God!”

9. Yotz

“What the yotz?!”

From Farscape, an exclamation of unpleasant surprise. Same usage as “hell”.

8. Nerfherder

“You small-minded nerfherder!”

Often used in Star Wars as a relatively un‑offensive curse word. It’s like asshole or shithead but far weaker.

7. Drek

“You useless, drek‑for‑brains, moron. We’re in deep drek now!”

An alternate spelling of dreck, yiddish for dirt or filth. Popularized by the Shadowrun game.

6. Smurf

“Go smurf yourself, you smurfing smurfhole.”

From the Adventures of the Smurfs animated series.

5. E chu ta

“Hello! Have you ever considered your place in the afterlife?” “E chu ta.”

Seems to function as “go screw yourself.” From Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. It’s rude Huttese.

4. Frell

“You Frelling moron!”

An interjection used in the series Farscape. Essentially means “frak.”

3. Smeg

“Smeg you, you smegging smegwipe.”

A fiction interrogative created on Monty Python, and popularized on the show Red Dwarf. These two events may be unrelated.

2. Meecrob

“Oh, this is complete meecrob!”

A Thai crunchy noodle dish with a sauce often not to western taste. Used as a curse on South Park.

1. Frak

“This is badly frakked up!”

The current #1 Geek Curse, from both Battlestar Galactica series, and adopted by numerous other television shows, comics, and books.

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