Things I have thought about in the past 12 hours.

*Kite golems. Most likely as Asian, ninjaesque spies.
*A series of short PDFs called “The Twist!” each one gives a single game-mechanical bolt-on option for a creature, encounter, location, or items, and discusses ways to use that to change existing things to focus on new stuff. Like, a simple template that turns any creature into a ghost possessing its own dead corpse. A deadly trap that has killed so many psychics, it has become self-aware (and both hates its existence, and feels it must fulfill it’s core function). An archetype that lets a cleric be the only worshiper of her god, in all the universe. A complex family tree, with both great heroes and ancient tyrants, that can be used to slot any PC or NPC into a vast and storied geneaology.
*Modern spells with joke (but thematically appropriate) components. Like something that makes poison safe to eat, but requires ketchup or pepper; or one that lets you fire a fiorearm without reloading, but requires a DVD of an action film as a focus.
*A fantasy stronghold that is headquarters and working churgical center of the Order of the Knights Hospitaller, as a site for adventures, or a base of operation, or a way for GMs to allow PCs to fix any character-ruining ailment, but only after completing an adventure there.
*A time traveler who can only go from one bordello to another, because it’s the World’s Oldest Profession.
*A new category of Spell Dragons, broken down by school (Evocation Dragons, Divination Dragons, et al)
*For a near-future setting: Remote drone flying taxis called AirLyft.
*According to this note I scribbled down while sleeping – “Th band is the hive.” I’ll see if I remember anything more about that.
*Also “Twinkie porn.” … I HOPE I was thinking of a Pinterest-like site for people who love to look at pictures of interesting twinkie recipes.
*Genre Mash-Ups. Old West Vikings (“Longarm”). Post-Apocalypse Jungle Book. Tron/Transformers (Cyber-Tron).
Some other stuff I have written down in the other room…

About okcstephens

Owen K.C. Stephens Owen Kirker Clifford Stephens is the Starfinder Design Lead for Paizo Publishing, the Freeport and Pathfinder RPG developer for Green Ronin, a developer for Rite Publishing, and the publisher and lead genius of Rogue Genius Games. Owen has written game material for numerous other companies, including Wizards of the Coast, Kobold Press, White Wolf, Steve Jackson Games and Upper Deck. He also consults, freelances, and in the off season, sleeps.

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