Weird Gear: Dagger Bomb

“Because the heroes are often the exceptions.”
Dagger Bomb.
10 gp, 1d3/1d4, 19-20 x2, 10 ft. range, P.
A dagger bomb has two blades scissored together under pressure by a pin that passes through the hilt, which also serves as a reservoir for 1 dose of alchemical material or holy/unholy water. Such materials must be bought separately and take 2 full rounds to load into the dagger bomb, though once loaded they can safely be carried in the dagger bomb until used. A dagger bomb uses the same proficiency and feats as a dagger. (Potions and elixirs require more careful application than a dagger bomb can deliver, and are not effective when loaded into a dagger bomb).
When a dagger bomb is successfully used to attack a foe, the pin breaks, the blades pop apart, and the hit breaks dosing the target with the alchemical material contained. The target takes both the dagger damage, and the effects of a direct hit from the material within. No creature takes splash damage, unless the dagger bomb is used in a melee attack (rather than a ranged attack), in which case the attacker takes the effect of a splash (if any). After an attack, successful or not, the dagger bomb is destroyed.
Dagger bombs can be mage magic, with the same cost and effect as magic ammunition.
An alchemist can deliver alchemist bombs (though not extracts) with a dagger bomb at the same rate the alchemist can make bomb attacks. This works as described above.

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