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Friends with a Monster

MicroSeatting Idea (and I still owe fans one from November… )
“Friends with a Monster”
*All players play children who have befriended a monster. It may be the monster under their bed, the ghost of their gramps, their imaginary friend from when they were younger, an alien intelligence trying to get them to manipulate humanity, a psychopathic pile of ooze that won’t hurt them for some reason. the evil monkey in their closet, or a horrific beast they found with a thorn in their paw and fixed.
*PCs are 2nd level characters with 12 point builds – 1st level Unchained summoner or spiritualist, and 1st level anything else you want.
*Players increase in level, but at each level get ONLY get +10 hp, +1 to saves, +6 skill points (and an increase in max ranks) and a boost to their eidolon/phantom as if they’d gained a level of summoner/spiritualist.
Needs tons of details, but I like the sketch of it.

Groundhog’s Day, 1990.

I was 19 when I first began to wonder if I should marry Lj. We were living together, we did nearly everything together… but I knew I was young. Neither of us had a job. We had no way to even pay for a wedding. And I took the idea of a sacred vow to put someone else before and above myself, forever, very seriously.
I thought about it for months. Lj knew I was thinking about it. We’d looked at rings. I knew what she liked. She waited. I wrestled with what I saw as the most important decision of my life.
It was.
In the end, this one thing decided me. When I fantasized about a perfect future for myself, when I let myself dream about the best world I could think of…
Lj was always in it. Always.
I was just a few days into being 20 when I proposed…. on Halloween.
We got married on Groundhog’s Day.
One-quarter century ago.
Smartest decision I ever made.
I love you, Lj. Happy Anniversary.