WarQuest World: Tactician Role

WarQuest Campaign Setting Rules

I still owe people who hit “like” on the Rogue Genius Games Facebook page a microsetting of at least 1,100 words. That Microsetting is going to be the WarQuest World, a setting where players of a MMORPG get sucked into the online game-world, and must learn to survive and thrive there. Rather than wait until it’s all done, I’m putting some of it out in pieces.

WarQuest World will have some new rules elements for the Pathfinder RPG, including Character Roles. A character role is selected at 1st level, and once this choice is made it cannot be changed. Every PC must select a role, and a GM may given NPCs roles as long as all their HD don’t come from npc classes.

The Tactician Role

A tactician is often a team leader, but can also serve as a battlefield commander, advisor, director, and even spy. The tactician knows the most about how the game of WarQuest World worked before the players were trapped in it, and is an expert as directing allies to make the most of their abilities.

A tactician adds their HD to any Knowledge check made to identify a creature (and its strengths and weaknesses), and any Knowledge check made to identify people, places, and things native to warQuest World.

A tactician can grant an extra “bonus action” to an ally within 60 feet who can see and hear the tactician. The ally takes the action immediately, and does not alter their place in the initiative order. A creature cannot benefit from more than one extra action (from any tactician) every 10 minutes. As a full-round action, the tactician can grant an ally a bonus standard action. As a standard action, the tactician can grant an ally a bonus move action. As a move action, the tactician can grant an ally a bonus swift action. Alternately as a move action, the tactician may increase the maximum number of attacks of opportunity the ally may take before the tactician’s next turn by 1 + tactician’s Charisma modifier (minimum 1). The ally need not take the attacks of opportunity immediately, but this still counts as receiving a bonus action from the tactician.

If the tactician attempts to grant an extra action to an ally with more HD than the tactician, the tactician must make a special Charisma check of 1d20+HD+Charisma modifier against a DC of 15+ ally’s HD. On a failed check the ally does not gain a bonus action.



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