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WarQuest World: Cooldown

WarQuest Campaign Setting Rules

I still owe people who hit “like” on the Rogue Genius Games Facebook page a microsetting of at least 1,100 words. That Microsetting is going to be the WarQuest World, a setting where players of a MMORPG get sucked ibnto the online game-world, and must learn to survive and thrive there. Rather than wait until it’s all done, I’m putting some of it out in pieces.
WarQuest World will have some new rules elements for the Pathfinder RPG, including Cooldown.

Cooldown: For spellcasters.

You can cast one more spell per day of each spell level, but when you cast your highest-level spells you can’t use spells of that level again for a number of rounds. This cooldown period, and what level spells it applies to, are determined by the highest-level spell you can cast (as shown below).
Cooldown rules both help stave off the 15-minute adventuring day (spellcasters retain their most potent spells longer and have more total castings per day), and reduces nova effects (where spellcasters wipe out an encounter in the first 3 rounds, then want to stop adventuring).
A spell raised to a higher level with metamagic counts as its effective level, rather than its original level.
Highest Spell Level; Spells affected & Cooldown
1st; 1st (1 round)
2nd; 2nd (1 round)
3rd; 3rd (1 round)
4th; 3rd (1 round), 4th (2 rounds)
5th; 4th (1 round), 5th (2 rounds)
6th; 4th (1 round), 5th (2 rounds); 6th (3 rounds)
7th; 5th (1 round), 6th (2 rounds); 7th (3 rounds)
8th; 6th (1 round), 7th (2 rounds); 8th (3 rounds)
9th; 6th (1 round), 7th (2 rounds); 8th (3 rounds); 9th (4 rounds)

OMFG, I’m on Reddit

Well, one of my videos is, anyway.

I Call BS

It’s gatekeeping elitist narrow-minded BS of the worst sort to cowardly hint that a drive for diversity has caused the Industry Insider program to mysteriously lower its standards and result in a slate of lesser-known designers. And yet, many people are doing so, and some leaders in the industry are winking and elbow-nudging rather than taking a stand and calling BS.
So for the record, claiming diversity was only achieved by lowering standards in the program IS BULLSHIT. Of the highest order.
I was an Industry Insider once, with more than a decade of experience under my belt. Most of the other *PANELISTS* had no fucking clue who I was.
Next time someone makes that claim, I want to grill them about who the people who were in the program over the past decade were, and see how many of them are known, as compared to multiple salaried developers and managers for one of the most popular RPGs in the world, who are on it this year.
The Industry Insider program have ALWAYS had people with a range of experiences and time-in-grade, and it has no lack of people with major credentials in professional gaming.
Claiming otherwise is a sign of the huge fucking problem with recognition in this industry.