Strangefinder Modern: Attuned Manifestations

Strangefinder Modern are modern ideas for a strange urban fantasy world that could be played using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Anachronistic Adventures.

Attuned Manifestations

Sometimes the manifestation of Alterniversal overlap only exist for a subset of creatures or situations. In essence, the Alterniversal frequency is only close enough to the new Alterniverse to manifest partially, and impact those places, times, or creatures that match some specific attune parameter.

Temporal attunement is the most common. A manifestation may only appear at night, or only one day of the year, or only from 11:11pm to 1:01am. At all other times, it simply does not exist and cannot impact the world around it, or be affected by any outside force. Most temporally attuned Alterniversal manifestations do not experience the passage of time when unattained (hopping from the end of one period of existence to the beginning of their next period of existence with at most a second of blur), but in rare cases such creatures exist in a “limbo” when unattained, able to heal and pass time and think, but unable to see of be seen by the world they manifest upon.

Spacial attunement is the second most common. These manifestations can only appear in a geographic area with some tie to their Alterniversal frequency. For example, a manifestation might only appear within a specific cave system, or only in one building, or only in the legal borders of a specific town or state. Some have geographic limiters, like the inability to cross water or a total lack of existence on holy ground. These creatures dissipate if forced into an area unattained to them, but reform (generally within 24 hours) at the point within their attuned area that is furtherest from the point of discorporation.

Situational attunement is essentially a combination of temporal and geographic attunements. Some manifestations only exist when a specific thing is true, such as only while bells toll in the church tower (and only as far away as they can be heard), or only during a solar eclipse (and only where the eclipse is visible).

Creature attunements are the most dangerous form of Alterniversal overlap manifestation, and among the hardest to identify. For these incursions, the manifestation only exists for a specific subset of creatures (almost always including people, though at least one goat-only manifestation is known to have occurred). Most often, this is a manifestation that only impacts people in a broad category, such as only members of a specific faith, or only people descended from a specific group, or only people who are drunk, or high, or who haven’t had sex, or have had sex with a person who has already been impacted by the manifestation, or who can recite the lyrics from Bohemia Rhapsody. The more specific the parameter, the rarer that form of manifestation.

A particularly common creature attuned manifestation is one of age. While it’s rare for middle-age folks to be the only ones who are impacted by a manifestation, it is common for some Alterniversal overlap to only impact pre-pubescents, or those going through puberty, or those well past middle age. Of course these groups are often not bee lived by the mainstream population when they explain things are living under their beds, or their pills turn into buys that steal their possessions, or that a think is stalking them after school. And even if they were believed, since these manifestations DO NOT EXIST for any other group, it’s up to the affected population to deal with the issue themselves.

Strangefinders who first experience Alterniversal manifestations at a young age sometimes make efforts to seek groups suffering from a creature attuned manifestation as part of their normal work. The Sisters Sternn are particularly famed for their ability to identify a manifestation attuned to only a specific group (most often adolescents), and to aid and train those affected in ways to fight back and, in time, overcome their hardship.

The Sisters Sternn can usually be reached through the Marlowe House.

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