Strangefinder Modern: The Andromeda Strange

Strangefinder Modern are modern ideas for a strange urban fantasy world that could be played using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Anachronistic Adventures.

The Andromeda Strange.

Sometimes, the manifestation of aligned Alterniversal frequencies is a disease. This kind of incursion varies from barely noticeable (if it only spreads to a single person and makes them allergic to cheese) to world-threatening epidemic (if it’s airborne and turns people into were-koalas).

The trickiest part of disease manifestations is that the Alterniversal bacteria or virus may remain present long after all symptomatic victims are accounted for. This can make it very difficult to end the manifestation. Additionally, many such diseases are immune to all normal treatment, though for some reason they all respond to SOMETHING as a curative.

Known Alterniversal diseases include:

Rolling Dementia: Airborne. Victims become convinced shadows are living creatures eating their souls. Can be treated with chocolate.

N-Spice: Transmission through bodily fluids. Victims gain intelligence, lose all hair, crave hot sauce, and all share a common goal to destroy existing civilization and replace it with something better. Can be treated with rogaine.

Rage Lice: Technically a parasite, passed by even casual contact. Victims become irritable, then violent, then rage monsters. Can be treated with loud music *except* You Might Think (by the Cars), which instead strengthens infestations.

Static Flu: Transmitted by being too close to an infected while microwaves or cell phone waves pass through both. Causes those infected to cause minor interference with electronics, including bad reception and going through batteries at a massively accelerated pace. If more than 10% of a population becomes infected, it also summons radio-wraiths that work to spread the infection farther. Can be treated by isolation for a week or more in an area free of microwaves, cell phones, and any form of broadcast.

Pocket Mania: Transmitted by seeing an object a infected creature saw. Infection rate for any single glance is very low, but constant exposure does spread the disease fairly quickly. Causes those infected to seek out a useless commercial product, acquire as much of it as possible, and constantly promote it to others as cheerfully as possible. Can be treated by slapping in the face with a whole dead fish. Cod and haddock are the least effective, while tuna works well (but sometimes leads to bruising).

Deafumbness: Transmitted by listening to an infected person talk about something stupid. Causes those infected to believe the first 5 stupid things they hear, and then promote and support those beliefs, ignoring or mentally discrediting all evidence that counters their stupid beliefs. No treatment is yet known, though further research may be available at the Marlowe House.

About okcstephens

Owen K.C. Stephens Owen Kirker Clifford Stephens is the Starfinder Design Lead for Paizo Publishing, the Freeport and Pathfinder RPG developer for Green Ronin, a developer for Rite Publishing, and the publisher and lead genius of Rogue Genius Games. Owen has written game material for numerous other companies, including Wizards of the Coast, Kobold Press, White Wolf, Steve Jackson Games and Upper Deck. He also consults, freelances, and in the off season, sleeps.

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