Gateway: A Guns of Tarnation Microsupplement

Gateway: A microsupplement for the Guns of Tarnation microsetting.

Most Guns of Tarnation campaigns are likely to begin in Gateway, the enormous mega-metropolis that is the capital of the lands controlled by the Duke, lord of the Cattle Barons who control much of the Fertile Land (and who have pressed their reach ever westward into the Lands of Tarnation). Gateway is the only true city easily accessed from the Lands of Tarnation, and while large towns and other settlements can be found further west, they lack Gateway’s resources, economy, population, and security from external threats (though the internal threats of Gateway can be quite severe).

Gateway is so big (the third largest city on the continent) that instead of a single settlement stat block, each of its 12 districts (each with its own population exceeding 25,000) receives a stat block to represent that slice of the larger city.

Gate District (largest district in Gateway)
LN Metropolis
Corruption +4; Crime +4; Economy +6; Law +3; Lore +5; Society +7
Qualities Academic, Prosperous, Rumormongering Citizens, Strategic Location, Tourist Attraction
Danger +10
Government District Council (half appointed by adjoining Cattle Barons, half appointed by the Duke – lord of the Cattle Barons)
Population 55,000 (29,000 humans; 7,500 halflings; 5,500 dwarves; 4,500 half-orcs; 2,500 elves; 2,000 half-elves; 1,000 gnomes; 3,000 other)
Notable NPCs
Miss Mattie Puma, Owner & Proprietor of the Great Gate Hotel (white hat female half-orc witch 4)
El Grande the Wyvern Wrestler (brown hat male human brawler 4)
James “Diamond Slim” Rubillard, head of the Gambler’s Guild (black hat male half-elf bard 5)
Lady Isabeaux DeCroix, Council Woman & Fortune Teller (brown hat female halfling psychic 5)
Doctor Jefferies, Chaos Genius & Local Legend (white hat male human alchemist [spagyric devices] 6)
One-Shot Sharon, bounty hunter (black hat female elf gunslinger 6)
Base Value 25,600 gp; Purchase Limit 150,000 gp; Spellcasting 4th
Minor Items all available; Medium Items 4d4; Major Items 3d4

Gateway is the largest New World city west of the Hellroar River, which is generally seen as the border between the Mountain Lands (to the east) and the Lands of Tarnation (to the west). Gateway sits right on the western bank, smack in the center of the Hellroar’s more-than-2,500 mile run from the Bearclaw Dominion in the north (which still owes at least grudging fealty to the Union of Kingdoms in the Old World, across the Atlas Ocean to the east) to the Gulf of Teotaxa to the South. It is also the location of the Great Gate, which keeps any ANASAZI and CREATURES of TARNATION (see Guns of Tarnation) from being able to cross the Hellroar River except through the Gate itself.

East of Gateway is a strip of territory known as the Fertile lands, running between the Hellroar River and the the Mountain Lands, which are themselves main border between the Lands of Tarnation and the Civilized Coast further east on the Atlas Ocean. The Mountain Lands still have a fair number of CRITTERS and ROUGH TERRAIN (see Guns of Tarnation), making Mountain Folk a hearty group less tender and unprepared than those from the Civilized Coast, but few of those threats are as strange or powerful at those found in the Lands of Tarnation. Folk from the Fertile Lands also have to deal with things coming out of the Mountain Lands, but much less often than Mountain Folk do.

Because of the vast opportunity seen in the Lands of Tarnation, many explorers, scholars, criminals, adventurers, gunslingers, cheats, and heroes travel from the lands east of Gateway, including lands of the Old World across the Atlas Ocean, to join groups headed through the Great Gate from which Gateway takes its name and into the Lands of Tarnation. Many travel with Landsteaders, hoping to help a caravan of common folk carve out a place to live in areas of Tarnation that have already seen some pacification. Others hire out as enforcers for cattle barons carving out grazing lands, mine operators seeking to avoid objections to constant explosions and perhaps poison streams, or the two Great Railroads locked in an epic battle to see which can cross the lands of Tarnation first to claim the Duke’s promised prize of control of a Gateway district. And some newcomers have no idea what opportunity they’ll find in Gateway, but simply hope for some chance to trade skill with a gun, spell, or magic sword for passage to some area of Tarnation where money can be made and fame earned.

In addition to the Great Gate, the Gate District contains the terminus of rail lines from the east, the beginning of the two competing railroads headed out west, the second largest market in the city (surpassed only by the Wheelwatch Market, in the South River District), numerous banks, outfitters, company headquarters, accommodations from rich hotels to fleabag cot-lined tents, entertainment houses, bath houses, pesh houses, casinos, restaurants, and the Council Building where all city and district business is officially handled (though a fair amount is pre-decided in bath houses, and private mansions in the Enclave District).

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