Silly Scares: Shark-Hazards

Silly Scares are super short Pathfinder rules to add a bit of a fright to a fear-themed game, without getting at all serious.

Shark- (Simple Hazard Template, +2 CR)

The Shark- (read “shark blank”) template increases the danger of hazards by making them shark-related. Thus a forest fire becomes a “shark-forest fire,” clearly a case where a shark-forest catches on fire.

When a shark-hazard forces a character to make a saving throw, or it makes an attack against a character, or it deals damage to a character, the sharkiness of it also makes an attack. This is a bite. It has an attack bonus equal to the CR of the hazard x1.5, and deals 1d8 damage per 2 CR of the encounter. Any one event only results in a single attack

So if caught in a CR 8 shark-forest fire, each time a character had to make a Fortitude save to avoid nonlethal heat damage, the character would also be subject to a shark bite (+12 to hit, 4d8 damage). Even if the character both failed a save and took heat damage, the character would still be subject to only a single bite attack.

Any skill to identify a hazard gains a bonus equal to the hazard’s CR if it is a shark-hazard. Because an entire shark-forest burning is hard to miss.

A shark-hazard returns after 1 year + 4d20 – 4d20 days if it is not destroyed properly. (This is often referred to as a “sequel” to the original shark hazard.) Destroying it properly requires a complex plan capable to both ending the hazard, and simultaneously killing a number of sharks equal to double the hazard’s CR.

It doesn’t matter what the plan is, as long as it is complex, ends a normal hazard, and kills a bunch of sharks.

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