SSAI: Finder’s Keepers

Super-Short Adventure Ideas

Have the players all make 5th level characters. Tell the players you want to know their character’s favorite possession, worst enemy, and the most heroic death they can imagine.

The characters all wake to total silence and darkness, and a strong sense of annoyance. They eventually each discover they are in a stone sarcophagus. Allow any clever plan to demonstration of strength successfully free them.

They are all in a tomb of heroes. They are all mummies. And they are all suddenly flooded with the sure knowledge that they had their heroic deaths, were buried with honors, and now their worst enemies’ descendants have stolen their favored possessions from their tomb.

And its payback time.

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About okcstephens

Owen K.C. Stephens Owen Kirker Clifford Stephens is the Starfinder Design Lead for Paizo Publishing, the Freeport and Pathfinder RPG developer for Green Ronin, a developer for Rite Publishing, and the publisher and lead genius of Rogue Genius Games. Owen has written game material for numerous other companies, including Wizards of the Coast, Kobold Press, White Wolf, Steve Jackson Games and Upper Deck. He also consults, freelances, and in the off season, sleeps.

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