Cinematics: Supreme Wings of Flying

Cinematics are little ideas that draw (often obvious) inspiration from geek-themed movies.

Supreme Wings of Flying

Slot shoulders; Aura strong transmutation; CL 20th; Weight 2 lbs.


A more potent version of the wings of flying, the cloaks that become supreme wings of flying are considered minor artifacts. There is significant debate among sages on how such cloaks come into existence. Some theorize they are typical flying cloaks that have been worn by heroes so great, some part of the power of the magi and sorcerers who wear them is absorbed by the cloak. Others believe they are relics created by powerful spellcasters to serve as more than mere magic items.

In addition to functioning as typical wings of flying, supreme wings of flying are also capable of some independent action. For a number of minutes per day equal to the owner’s HD, supreme wings of flying can act one of two ways. It can grant the owner an armor bonus (equal to half the wearer’s HD) when the owner is not using it to fly (even if the owner is not wearing it, though it does have to be adjacent).

Alternatively, it can act as a creature summoned from a summon monster spell with a spell level equal to half the owner’s HD (minimum 1st level spell, maximum 9th level). The cloak gains only a single bludgeoning attack rather than the mimicked creature’s normal attacks (using the damage and attack bonus of the mimicked creature’s best melee attack), does not gain any movement rate other than ground speed and flight, and does not gain any special attacks, special defenses, spell-like abilities, spellcasting, or supernatural abilities of the mimicked creature.Rather than the mimicked creature’s type, treat the minor artifact as a construct. If the minor artifact takes enough damaged to knock unconscious or kill the creature it is mimicking it looses the ability to act in any way magical for 24 hours, but it otherwise unharmed.

The cloak need not use the full duration of these abilities at once, but it does have to use them in 1-minute increments. It can choose to use these abilities on its own, if its owner is in line of sight and is grappled, stunned, dazed, staggered, entangled, or unconscious. If it mimics a creature strong enough to carry its owner, it may do so and fly while doing so.

Supreme wings of flying cannot be bought or sold — they choose who owns them, and once made that choice does not change until that owner dies, is destroyed, or leaves the supreme wings of flying behind for more than a year and a day. In general if a character of 5 HD or more rolls a 20 on a d20 check in the presence of supreme wings of flying with no owner, that creature can make a DC 20 Charisma check. On a successful check, the creature impresses the cloak enough to be selected as its new owner.

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