100 Questions: 51-60 Player Character Context

These questions are designed not to lead anyone to the “one true path to roleplaying,” nor even to find and excise undesirables. Instead, they are tools of conversation. Hopefully they’ll help members of an RPG group discuss some philosophy, some game theory, and some silly shit.

These are best handled in person, while feeling casual, likely with beer and pizza (or the age & culturally appropriate equivalent).

51-60 Player Character Context

Characters are often described in terms of appearance, or role in the group, or background. And that’s all good! But fictional characters are in a way a form of personal art, and art can sometimes use some less literal descriptions and less direct context.

  1. If your character was going to be played by an actor/actress in a good live-action movie, who would that be? What if it was a television show? What if it was a terrible, cheesy movie?
  1. If you character had a representative icon that was a single object and a single colored border, what would that object and border be?
  1. If your character had a theme song or soundtrack, what would it be?
  1. What did your character want to be when growing up, other than what the character is now? Why didn’t that happen?
  1. Where does your character feel safest? Why do they ever leave that place?
  1. What is your character’s favorite food, flavor combination, or scent? What is their least favorite? If they don’t eat or smell, pick one sense they do have and describe their favorite artistic sensation for that sense.
  1. What does your character wear to formal events, or would if forced to if they’ve never been to one?
  1. What is one vice your character is tempted by but doesn’t indulge in? What is one vice they find distasteful?
  1. What would be the perfect pet for your character, or object that fills a pet-like role? What is the worst possible pet?
  1. What would have to happen for your character to stop engaging in the primary activity the campaign is assumed to be based around? (Why would they stop adventuring for a typical d20 fantasy rpg? Why would they stop struggling to survive in zombie survival horror? Why would they hang up the mask and cape for a superhero game?)

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