Seven Sinful Feats of Sloth, No. 4

Having covered gluttony, lust, pride, and wrath, I’ve begun doing Sinful Feats of Sloth. When I get to 7, they’ll become the manuscript for a Bullet Points product, but you get them for free here first!

Can’t Be Bothered [Sinful]

You barely have the drive to do the things YOU want to do. You certainly aren’t doing things OTHER people try to force you to do.

Prerequisites: Slothful, Cha 13.

Benefit: As a swift or immediate action, you decide to take no actions. You can do this even if some effect or condition would normally force you to take action or would prevent you from making this decision. Once you choose to be inactive you take no actions for a set duration. When you become inactive, you decide if this duration is 1d4 rounds, 1d4 minutes, or 1d4 hours. Once made this choice cannot be changed unless someone successfully make a Diplomacy check against you (taking the normal time to ask a favor) with a DC equal to 15 + your HD x 1.5 + your total Will saving throw bonus.

If some condition is controlling or limited your actions when you choose to become inactive, and that same force is still controlling or limiting your actions when the duration of your inactivity ends, you cannot choose to be inactive again for 24 hours.

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