Mythic ACG Feats

Just noodling with some ideas.

Aberrant Tumor (Mythic)
Your tumor is as powerful a spellcaster as you are.
Prerequisite: Aberrant tumor, aberrant bloodline.
Benefit: Your tumor familiar is considered a mythic creature with a mythic tier equal to half yours (minimum tier 1). You may choose to have any spell you cast originate and calculate its range from this familiar, rather than from yourself. You must either be able to see your familiar, or have line of effect to it, to cast spells in this way.


Amateur Investigator (Mythic)
Your knowledge is more than plain smarts—it’s inspired.
Prerequisites: Int 13, Amateur Investigator, 1 rank in at least one Knowledge skill, no levels in a class that has the inspiration class feature.
Benefit: Add your mythic tier to the size of your pool of inspiration.
Special: If you gain levels in a class that has the inspiration class feature, you can immediately trade this feat for the Extra Inspiration (Mythic) feat.


Amateur Swashbuckler (Combat, Mythic)
Though not a swashbuckler, you have and can use panache.
Prerequisite: Amateur Swashbuckler, no levels in a class that has the panache class feature.
Benefit: Choose an additional 1st-level deed from the swashbuckler’s deeds class feature; once chosen, this deed cannot be changed. Add your mythic tier to your starting total of panache points. You can spend these panache points to perform the 1st-level deeds you chose upon taking this feat and Amateur Swashbuckler, as well as any other deeds you have gained through feats or magic items.
Special: If you gain levels in a class that has the panache class feature, you can immediately trade this feat for the Mythic Extra Panache feat.


Animal Soul (Mythic)
Your close bond with an animal allows you to use magic that targets animals on yourself.
Prerequisite: Animal Soul, animal companion or mount class feature.
Benefit: You can allow spells and effects that affect animals, animal companions, and special mounts to affect any creature you touch, even if the spells do not normally affect creatures of the touched target’s type. For example, you could touch a creature and allow an ally’s cast animal growth spell to affect it. An opponent could not cast charm animal or dominate animal on a creature you touch unless you chose to allow the spell to affect the creature as if it was an animal.


Anticipate Dodge (Combat, Mythic)
Your knowledge of mobility and your attack prowess allow you to thwart elusive opponents.
Prerequisites: Anticipate Dodge, Dodge, Mobility; base attack bonus +7, brawler level 4th, or monk level 4th.
Benefit: Your +2 bonus on attack rolls from Anticipate Dodge applies to attacks against any creature that is not denied its Dexterity bonus to AC.


Barroom Brawler (Combat, Mythic)
You have learned how to mimic the combat tricks and forms of others.
Prerequisite: Barroom Brawler, base attack bonus +4.
Benefit: Add your mythic tier to the number of times per day you can gain the benefit of a combat feat that you do not possess for 1 minute.

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