100 Questions for your RPG Group: 61-70

After a break for the holidays, 100 Questions is back! We’re a good deal more than halfway through the list, so let’s see if we can get these released in a timely manner now?

These questions are designed not to lead anyone to the “one true path to roleplaying,” nor even to find and excise undesirable group members. Instead, they are tools of conversation. Hopefully they’ll help members of an RPG group discuss some philosophy, some game theory, and some silly stuff.

These are best handled in person, while feeling casual, likely with beer and pizza (or the age & culturally appropriate equivalent).

61-70: Gamer Superstitions

Roleplaying games vary widely, from rule- and math-heavy tactical exercises, to story-based activities designed to work with a group all working together, but a surprising number of “gamer superstitions” are common in a wide range of groups. It can be worth examining what these are, why people observe them, and how serious such observances are.

  1. Do you play along with ideas of gamer superstition for fun, despite not believing them, or secretly believe such things without publicly acknowledging them? Are there any you take so seriously having others dismiss them is hurtful or worrying to you?
  1. Do you believe in lucky dice? Or a lucky die-rolling method, or chant that accompanies important roles?
  1. Within the bounds of normal personal space and courtesy, do you care who touches your dice? Does a stranger touching the, annoy or worry you? Do you believe rubbing them on a game designer or GM increases their luck?
  1. Do you feel your luck, or the general luck of your dice, is impacted by loaning your dice to other people who need them? Or borrowing dice when yours aren’t available?
  1. Do you have any rituals regarding your gaming materials? Do you believe a custom figure helps your character succeed? Do you place dice in order from least to most sides, sit them with a desired result showing when they are not in use? Do you think hand-written character sheets have more mojo than computer-generated or e-sheets? Do you pre-roll your dice before making actual game-relevant rolls, to see which dice are doing well, or try to pre-remove any undesired result?
  1. Do you feel a character, or a campaign, or an adventure can be cursed? That some unknown force actually makes some element of the game impact randomly determined elements of the game?
  1. Do you believe your typical results of randomized elements of tabletop or electronic games is better or worse than average? Do you think that such a history, if accurate, is a predictor of future results that are statistically anomalous? Do you think such a predictor, if it exists, should be considered when determining the balance or appropriateness of game options you select?
  1. Are their events outside your control you believe influences your luck or success in a game? Do you feel there is music that makes a character more likely to succeed, or that playing on a holiday or birthday gives you an edge unexplained by statistics?
  1. Do you feel the way one character dies impacts the fate of the next one beyond decisions made by players and GM? Do you think a character dying heroically in game blesses your next character, or giving up and abandoning a character curses your next one? Are there any ways to avoid these positive or negative influences, if you believe in them?
  1. Regardless of your own beliefs, are there any game superstitions of others you enjoy watching? Are there any that annoy you, or negatively impact your ability to enjoy a game?

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