Mythic Boss Monster

So, I recently posted some thoughts on updating monster feats inot Mythic Monster Feats, and that got me to thinking.

What would brand-new mythic monster abilities look like?

Mythic Boss Monster (Mythic, Monster)
You are not some mere wandering speedbump. You are a major threat, and part of the plot.
Prerequisite: Considered by GM to be an NPC threat that should be an epic fight, mythic tier 2 or higher.
Benefit: You have two hit point pools. To calculate the size of these pools, multiple your HP total by ([100%], + 10% x mythic tier), and divide the result by 2. When you take damage, or are healed, or gain temporary hit points, you may apply that effect to either hit point pool.
As long as you have two pools, you may take two full sets of actions (as if you were two creatures, but limited to your single location). Your second set of actions occur at your initiative total -10. So if your initiative total is 14, you take one round worth of actions on 14, and another set at initiative count 4. If you take an action that alters one of your initiative totals (such as readying an action), it does not impact the initiative of your second set of actions. However, at the beginning of each round, your second set of actions have their initiative total reset to your first set of actions, -10.
If you take effects or penalties that impact your actions (be that penalties, conditions that restrict what actions you can take or even charms and compulsions), you can assign that to one of your hit point totals. However, things that affect where you can move to or how fast you move (such as being connected to a foe by a lasso) affect both sets of actions. You can choose which HP pool to assign each condition or penalty to, but once you make that decision it cannot be changed. Any actions you take as a result of that HP pool suffer the penalties and conditions assigned to it.
For example, The Executioner of Minol is mythic tier 4 a Huge minotaur boss monster, with the Mythic Boss Monster feat. He has 120 hit point, which means each of his HP pools has (120 x [140%], /2 =) 105 hit points. He receives two full sets of actions each round, which happen to occur at initiative count 19 and 9. In the first round of combat he is struck by a flesh to stone, and is petrified. He desides to assign that effect to his HP acting at initiative 9. At initiative 19 he can act normally, ignoring the fact one HP pool is petrified except for the fact it prevents him from leaving his square. The GM describes his flesh turning to stone in broad streaks, his roar of anger, and the fact that while he can’t walk, he is swinging his axe at the offending sorcerer who petrified him.
Even the death of one HP pool does not stop a mythic boss monster (though the dead HP pool can’t take any actions, reducing the mythic boss monster to one set of actions each round). If there are actions a mythic boss monster can only use a limited number of times per day, those options can be used that number of times per day by each HP pool.
Special: A boss monster has double the normal treasure. Fair’s fair.

Mythic Unique Monster (Mythic, Monster)
You are more than just a mythic monster. You have a backstory, goals, history, and set of traits no less special and unique than a player character.
Prerequisite: GM gives you a proper name, and at least some actual backstory.
Benefit: When taking monster feats, you can ignore any prerequisites other than mythic ties. The DC to identify you with a Knowledge check increases by 5 per mythic tier. Creatures that have not recognized you gain no special bonuses against you due to your type or subtype, such as from favored enemies or even the bane magic weapon quality.

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