Top Ten RPG Mash-Ups! (2017 edition)

I haven’t done a new Top Ten list for a while, so in-between bouts of cleaning up my modeling mess last night, I wrote:

Top Ten RPG Mash-Ups! (2017 edition)

#10. Dungeons & Danger International, 6th edition
(Still a non-existent classic! Back cover promises “The Ultimate Game of 1970s and ‘80s Action Heroes going into Ancient Tombs, Killing Things, and Taking Their Stuff. Also, terrorists.”)
(And the main villain group is the “Department of Raids, Anarchy, and Generating Ongoing Nightmares”)
(And yes, the equipment lists include Vorpal Uzis, +5 Holy Walther PPKs, and Hip Flasks of Holding.)

#9. Deadlands: Hell on EarthDawn
(The foreword is “Even in an Underground Vault, Things Have Gone To Hell.”)

#8. Legend of the Five Fading Suns
(Honestly you’ll barely notice the difference.)

#7. XCrawl of Cthulhu
(It’s the game of professional cultist-killing reality TV, for ratings and glory, and the constant risk of going insane or accidentally destroying the world. Character Creation is titled “There Won’t Be Season Two!”)

#6. Weird War 40,000
(In the Grim Darkness of the 1940s, there is only War. And Panzers. And jetpacks. And Psychic Russian Half-Chimpanzees.)

#5. 7th SenZar, 2nd Edition
(Tagline: “It’s Still gaming in God Mode. It’s just… look have you READ any classic mythology? Gods have to deal with politics, and romance, and sometimes getting killed. Yeah, we added a story.”)

#4. Mutants & MasterMage: The Awakening
(The first supplement is “Magic and Superpowers and Complications, Oh My!”)

#3. TrekWarFinder
(The word “Star” does not appear in this sci-fi RPG. Not even once. Except just now, but that’s it.)

#2. Eclipse Phaser
(With Chapter Six being “Yes, you can play a hologram. Or a half-Vulcan. Or just about anything, really. But you have to be part of Star Fleet: Firewall Division.”)

#1. Shadow of the Toon Lord
(And its launch adventure, “Who Summoned Roger Rabid?”)

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