The “No Worries” Expertise Feat

Pathfinder has a lot of hidden math. Mostly, that’s intentional. You don’t need to know how skill DCs scale to make a character.

But sometimes it means a player thinks they have a character that’s good at something… and they don’t. And that becomes sad, and frustrating.

And in many cases, neither the player nor the GM want to examine all the math to find out what went wrong, when they just want to know a PC is good at something.

So: The “No Worries” Expertise Feat

“No Worries” Expertise

Don’t worry, you really are pretty good at that thing.

Prerequisites: GM permission, no one else in the group is taking this feat with the same skill as you unless everyone has agreed that’s cool.

Benefit: Select one skill. You have a 75% chance to succeed at any use of that skill when not taking 10 or taking 20. You must keep max ranks in the skill. If the GM says something is unusually hard, you only have a 65% chance of success. If the GM says it’s unusually easy, you have an 85% chance of success. If the GM says it’s impossible, it’s still impossible.

You only get to use this feat once per attempt to use a skill, after that you are at the mercy of normal skill rules. You’re an expert, not infallible.

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