Dragon Knight (Kitbashing a cavalier archetype for Pathfinder)

Dragon Knight (Kitbashing a cavalier archetype for Pathfinder)

So with the release of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Wilderness, it becomes very, very close to possible to have a cavalier riding a dragon… or something close enough as to make it difficult to tell the difference.

First, you slap the saurian champion on the cavalier. This is designed to make you a dinosaur-riding savage, but we all know players can reskin the flavor of things. Pick pteranodon as your dinosaur mount. It flies, is lizardlike, the saurian champion specifically lets you ride a dino your size (though you need to keep your weigh low enough that its 8 Str +8 additional for carrying capacity). Obviously you’ll get a more powerful (but ground-bound) “dinosaur” if you go with a spinosuarus (but then it can swim, and begins with an 18 strength +8 for carry capacity, and a claw/claw/bite attack routine).

That’s a great start, but to REALLY feel like you have a dragon you need to add the draconic animal companion archetype, also from Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Wilderness… and you can’t. that archetype replaces ‘share spells” with low-light and darkvisions and you can’t because cavalier mounts don’t get share spells. You’re that close to a 100% official giant fire-breathing lizard, and you can’t do it because of darkvision and low-light.

I haven’t found anything that adds share spells back in to a mount and still leaves it draconic archetype legal. If you wanted to convince your GM that it could be done with the Improved Spell Sharing feat you could do it… but that feat obviously doesn’t *really* give spell sharing to an animal companion that doesn’t have it.
So, the best we can do is 95% official. All that is needed is to delay the gaining of low-light and darkvision for the draconic saurian mount until the cavalier can give up a class feature the saurian champion archetype doesn’t take from it. At 4th level, the cavalier gets expert training, which doesn’t really make sense with a character with a loyal draconic dinosaur mount anyway. So if we trade gaining low-light and darkvision (at 4th level) with expert trainer, the draconic saurian champion class works, with 95% official rules to do it.

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