Icosantheon Index

The Icosantheon is a host of twenty deities bound not by a common origin, but by a united conservatorship of the immaterium that forms the sides and edges of the material plane.

This page is updated as new members of this divine collection are added.

2. Karrackar, Loremaster, Shade Dragon, and Kobold King. NG.

5. Eirsival, Knight of the Final Thunder, the Coming Storm. LG.

7. Ovinnec, the Wild Visitor. CG.

13. Tazoteot, the Demon God/Devil Goddess. N

19. Garuuhl, the First Lich, the Fermented One. NE

20. Aor, the Beacon Tower, N

Icosantheon by Domain

Air (cloud, lightning, wind) – Eirsival

Animal (fur) – Tazoteot

Artifice (industry, toil) – Aor

Chaos (whimsy) – Ovinnec

Charm (lust) – Tazoteot

Community (family) – Tazoteot

Community(cooperation, education) – Aor

Darkness (night)Good (friendship) – Karrackar

Death (undead) – Garuuhl

Destruction (torture) – Tazoteot

Earth (caves) – Garuuhl

Evil-subdomains only (Daemon, Demodand, Demon, Devil, Kyton) – Tazoteot

Fire (smoke) – Garuuhl

Glory (chivalry, heroism, and honor) – Eirsival

Good (friendship) – Eirsival

Healing (medicine) – Tazoteot

Knowledge (education) – Karrackar

Law (loyalty)- Eirsival

Liberation (self-realization) – Tazoteot

Magic (alchemy) – Garuuhl

Plant (decay) – Garuuhl

Protection (defense) – Karrackar

Protection (defense, fortification, and solitude) – Eirsival

Repose (souls) – Ovinnec

Rune (language) – Karrackar

Rune (wards) – Aor

Scaleykind (dragon) – Karrackar

Strength (ferocity) – Ovinnec

Sun (light) – Aor

Sun (revelation) – Karrackar

Travel (exploration) – Ovinnec

Travel (trade) – Aor

Trickery (ambush and deception) – Ovinnec

Water (ice) – Garuuhl

Water (oceans) – Aor

War (tactics) – Karrackar

Weather (storms) – Eirsival


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