The Icosantheon. No 2 — Karrackar

The Icosantheon is a host of twenty deities bound not by a common origin, but by a united conservatorship of the immaterium that forms the sides and edges of the material plane.

2. Karrackar

Also known as the Loremaster, Shade Dragon, and Kobold King, Karrackar is generally depicted as a plump, cheerful dragon of rainbow colors so bright that all other hues look dim and shaded in his presence, or a Large kobold of similar coloration and girth. When depicted with a hoard, it is normally of books, scrolls, and fine food.

While Karrackar is clearly a kobold deity, most kobolds speak his name in hushed whispers. They fear the mighty god not because he might harm them, but because Karrackar finds kobolds adorable and if one draws his attention, the Shade Dragon will appear to hug, pet, and shower praise on the kobold endlessly. Kobolds so treated generally become great champions of knowledge and fairness… much to the annoyance of their clan-mates.

Karrackar is also the patron deity of those who have been abused, especially the young and weak. He can be called on to defend anyone bullied or systemically harmed, and in his Rainbow Sanctum is surrounded by children and others of all races he felt could only be protected by being taken from the mortal realm entirely. These he teaches, heals, and supports until and unless they are ready to return to the world.

Karrackar is the god of love of learning, speech, fair play, protecting the abused and downtrodden, and ancient things. Though many other pantheons have attempted to dismiss him as “merely” a minor dragon god, Karracker’s combination of vast good cheer, deep knowledge, and wicked wit generally force civilizations to accept him as a patron of the arts and lore, whether they want to or not.

While Karrackar is normally well-disposed toward all sapient beings, his rage can be aroused by those who abuse others, cruelty, and systemic injustice. Those kobold clans who have fully embraced him have generally done so after being driven from their hereditary lands without cause, and have learned the Kobold King can use his wisdom and knowledge to wreck terrible havoc on those who harm his charges. Once a people have angered Karrackar, the best way to appease him is to both cease lashing out at others, and build and fund sanctums where any creature can claim sanctuary as long as it does no harm to others. These sanctums are often homes for the oppressed and dispossessed, as well as great libraries and schools which do good works for the poor and injured.

All members of the Icosantheon respect Karrackar, even those who oppose him, and once every century he hosts a great convocation in his Rainbow Sanctum where all gods are welcome to come under truce, revel, and discuss their differences.

*Karrackar is Neutral Good, and accepts worships of all non-evil alignments. He also accepts all kobolds and all those who have suffered abuse, regardless of their alignments. However, evil worshipers are constantly visited by dreams of care, love, and gentle teaching, until their alignments change or they reject Karrackar… though even then they are accepted back if they seek to change their ways.
*Karrackar’s colors are the rainbow, though his worshipers are free to select any color or colors they love and wear it in his honor.
*His favorite weapon is an enormous quill that can become a spear, longspear, or javelin.
*His favored animal is the bear.
*His servitors are the divine dragon-bears, and the celestial warpriests who are the abused he took to his Rainbow Sanctum, and who decided to return to the world to smite the hateful.
*His holy symbol is a twisting scroll that takes the shape of a dragon.
*His areas of concern are knowledge, fairness, community, acceptance, and fierce protection.

Pathfinder 1st Edition Rules:
*His domains are Good (friendship), Knowledge (education), Protection (defense), Rune (language), Scaleykind (dragon), Sun (revelation), and War (tactics).

Many witches select Karrackar as their patron. These can replace one hex with gaining access to the next level of cleric spells (learning them in order, from cantrips, to 1st-level spells, 2nd level spells, and so on) as spells known and available to prepare as a cleric of the same level as their witch level. Any calculations from such spells that normally use Wisdom or Charisma, the witch may instead use Intelligence.



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  1. That is really fantastic! I am certain there are centers of worship to him in my worlds.

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