Designing to Spec: Support Material (Part 6)

So we’ve finished creating Starfinder versions of all the Pf Core Rulebook feats that weren’t already in Starfinder, and we’re spending this week looking at things we may want to add to Starfinder, now that we’ve added such a huge load of feats.

With the mystic, we added a new channel energy alternate connection power, which allows any mystic to access the long list of channel feats we created. But we can go even farther, creating a whole channeler connection that has a slew pf powers that, rather than just hand out those feats, gives access to the concepts and powers we created for those feats (and works with those feats if the player wants to delve even deeper into channeling), and works on its own to introduce those concepts into a character concept without needing feats to do so.

Channeler Connection

You are linked to a mystic energy that flows through the planes. This energy is the medium through which holy and unholy effects flow, the divine and fiendish waveforms that can impact creatures of different kinds based on the frequency it is attuned to. You can access an increasing width of those frequencies, learning to manipulate the energy in more ways.

Associated Deities: Gods of energy, healing, light, science, and suns.
Associated Skills: Medicine and Physical Science.
Spells: 1st wisp ally, 2nd force blast, 3rd divine aspect, 4th enervation, 5th call cosmos, 6th control gravity.

Channeler Connection Special Powers

Channel Energy [1st Level] At 1st level you gain the channel energy alternate connection power.

Expanded Energy [3rd Level] At 3rd level you can select a 2nd choice of channel from the channel energy power. You can cause either effect when you channel energy, or can expend a mystic Spell slot of the highest level you can cast to create both effects at the same time.

Reserve Energy [6th level] At 6th level you can channel energy once without spending a Resolve Point to do so. Once you have used this ability, you cannot do so again until after you recover Stamina Points following a 10-minute rest.

Focus Energy (Su) [9th] Before you roll an attack roll, as part of the same action you can choose to expend your channel energy to add its effect to the attack as bonus damage that only applies to one type of foe you can harm with your channel energy. The damage applies to any appropriate foe hit by the attack. This does not apply to any attack that does not require an attack roll (though it does apply to area attacks that also require attack rolls, such as most grenades). Affected foes can attempt a Will save to reduce this bonus damage by half, at your usual connection power DC.

Greater Expanded Energy (Su) [12th Level] At 12th level you can select a 3rd choice of channel from the channel energy power. You can cause any of these three effects when you channel energy, or can expend a mystic Spell slot of the highest level you can cast to create all three effects at the same time.

Turning Energy (Su) [15th Level] When you use your channel energy to harm a type of creature, those creatures that fail their saving throw are also flat-footed, off-target, and staggered for a number of rounds equal to 1/3 your mystic level.

Ultimate Channel (Su) [18th Level] Each day when you regain your spells you may select once creature type or subtype. when you channel energy, you may choose to harm creatures of this type or subtype in addition to any other effect of your channel.

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