Designing to Spec: Support Material (Part 8)

So we’ve finished creating Starfinder versions of all the Pf Core Rulebook feats that weren’t already in Starfinder, and we’re spending this week looking at things we may want to add to Starfinder, now that we’ve added such a huge load of feats.

Adding new options to a witchwarper is almost too easy — nearly anything can be justified as access to alternate realities. To keep things interesting, here we picked one way to gain bonus feats (and have access to a wider range of options that you can use at one time), and one way to use feats to define a different power that does things the feats normally don’t.

Paradigm Shifts

[2nd Level]

Alternity (Ex): Select three feats you meet the prerequisites for. These are abilities alternate versions of you, in alternate realities, have gained. Each day as a swift action you can select one of these feats to have for the remainder of the day. If you are 6th level or higher, you can expend a Resolve Point as a swift action to change which of these feats you have access to after you have made this choice.

At each new witchwarper level, you can change what three feats you have selected for this ability.

That’ll Leave A Mark (Su): Select a Critical feat (a feat that adds a critical hit option to an attack of yours), plus one additional Critical feat for every 5 witchwarper levels you have. You do not need to meet these feat’s normal prerequisites, but you must have a caster level equal to any base attack bonus they require. You do not benefit from the Critical feat, but as a reaction when an ally within 60 feet hits a foe with an attack, you can expend one use of your alternate outcome ability to add one of your critical hit feats to that attack (in addition to its normal critical hit effects, if the attack was a critical hit).

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