Dark Solarian Revelations, 1

Yesterday we introduced the concept of Dark Solarians. Oft called lunarians, these offshoots focus on the power of gravitation without light, epitomized by the concept of Dark Matter.

The response was positive.

So, here are a few revelations to make them even more different from their more balanced brethren.

Lunarian Revelations

Dark Solarian 2

2nd Level

Dark Path (Su)

You can create a path of dark matter which bends and twists as you command, sending you sensory data and allowing your small arms attacks to travel from you to a target not in your line of sight. You can add the guided weapon special property to small arms attacks you make, and as a standard action you can make a Perception check from any point within 60 feet to which you can trace a path (even if it is not a straight line of effect).

Gravitational Weapon (Su)

You can add the gravitation weapon special property to your lunar weapon, treating your class level as its item level. It allows you to move a target 5 feet, +5 feet for every 5 levels of solarian. If you are fully attuned, the save DC increase by +2, and you can move the target 5 more feet.

If you are 5th level or higher you can also add this special property to a small arm you are using, though the save DC is 2 lower and you move the target 5 fewer feet when used in this way.

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