Tiered GammaFinder Mutant Abilities for Starfinder

GammaFinder is a post-apocalypse campaign hack and rules expansion for Starfinder. It has rules for mutation as a character emphasis, and mutant abilities you can gain through a theme, archetype, alternate racial trait, or feat. While mutations taken as a character emphasis scale as you gain levels, most mutatant abilities from other sources don’t.

In most cases, there’s no need for them to. But some classic mutant abilities call for powers that can grow and evolve. These are called tiered mutations. Tiered mutations are complex, powerful mutant abilities that scale through ten tiers of power.

If you select a tiered mutation as your character emphasis, it’s tier is equal to half your character level +1 if you took a single mutation emphasis, and equal to 1/3 your character level (minimum tier 1) if you took two mutation emphasizes.

If you select a tiered mutation as mutant abilities (from the mutie theme or mutamorph archetype, or as an alternate racial trait or the Mutant feat) you increase it’s tier by 1 each time you take it.

Here’s an example of a tiered mutation, psychoportation.

PA Teleport

Art by Andrey Burmakin

Psychoportation (Sp)
Tier 1: You can teleport as a full action once per day, with a maximum range of 30 feet. You can bring along one creature you are touching that is willing or helpless and is your size or smaller. This otherwise functions as dimension door.
Tier 2: You regain the ability to use this power after you expend Resolve Points to regain Stamina Points following a 10-minute rest.
Tier 3: Your psychoportation range increases to 60 feet, and you can now bring along up to two creatures you are touching that are willing or helpless and are your size or smaller. You can replace two creatures your size with one creature a size larger.
Tier 4: Using this ability is now a standard action.
Tier 5: This ability is now treated as a supernatural ability (as a result, using it no longer provokes attacks of opportunity).
Tier 6: The range of this ability is now Medium (100 feet +10 feet per character level).
Tier 7: You can now also use this ability by expending a Resolve Point to do so.
Tier 8: You can now bring up to four willing or helpless creatures with you, and they may each be up to one size larger than you. You can replace two creatures a size larger than you with one two sizes larger.
Tier 9: You can now bring a creature with you that is unwilling, as long as you can touch it. It receives a Will saving throw (DC 10 +1/2 your character level + your key ability score modifier) to not be teleported.
Tier 10: You can now have this ability function as the teleportation spell, if you wish to.

You can find links to all the existing tiered mutations in the GammaFinder Index Page, or click on them below.
Danger Sense. It’s tingling!
Elasticity. Yep, it’s stretching powers.
Entangle. Slow them down, wrap them up.
ESP. Telepathy and psychic projection.
Genetic Sorcery. The power to summon magic is in your blood.
Healing Factor.
Luck Manipulation.
Ranged Attack. For attacking things. At range.
Super-Strength. (Scroll down a bit for the mutation)
Weather Control.

Gaining Mutant Abilities. All the options for PCs to gain mutant abilities and tiered mutations, all in one post!

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