Hazardous Junk, for GammaFinder and Starfinder

In the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, junk has eldritch potential.

There are a slew of spells designed to make things out of junk, at least briefly. These include:

Technomancer 1 junk armor, junksword I

Technomancer 2 junksword II, vigilant junkbot

Technomancer 3 handy junkbot, healing junkbot, junksword III

Technomancer 4 junksword IV

Technomancer 5 junksword V

Technomancer 6 battle junkbot, junksword V

But those spells are all designed to just use NORMAL junk. And in GammaFinder in particular (and to a lesser extend other Starfinder settings), junk may be different. It may be… hazardous. And surely, that makes spells created with it different, right?

PA Biohazard

(art by Argus)

Hazardous Junk

Hazardous junk cannot be safely kept for longer than 24 hours. After that time you either get rid of it, or make a Fortitude save with a DC of 10 + 3d20. On a failed save, you move 1 step down the affliction track of a randomly-determined ability score. You make a new save each day at the same DC to see if you move back up that track, but if you keep the hazardous junk, you also must keep saving against it.

Hazardous junk is thus normally only used by junkamancers if there happens to be some nearby when they cast a spell. These are the three most common types of hazardous junk.

Biohazard Junk: When you cast a junk spell on biohazard junk, you must make a caster level check (DC 10 + triple the level of spell +1d10 based on level of biohazard). If you succeed, the biological material in the junk absorbs some of the magic, and the spell’s duration is doubled. If you fail, the biological meterial eats away at the magic, and the spell’s duration is halved.

Chemical Hazard Junk: If you successfully damage an adjacent creature made of or protected by this junk (such as someone with junk armor, or any form of junkbot), you must make a Fortitude save (same DC as a spell of that level cast by the creator of the junkspell) or take 1 point of acid damage per 2 levels of the junk spell (minimum 1 point of damage).

If you are made of or protected by such junk, you take 1 point of untyped damage a round.

Radiation Hazard Junk: The first time you successfully damage an adjacent creature made of or protected by this junk (such as someone with junk armor, or any form of junkbot), you are exposed to low-level radiation which bypasses any armor protection you have.

If you hold or wear any such junk, you are exposed to low-level raditation, bypassing any armor protection, at the end of the spell’s duration (even if you drop or remove the junk before that).

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