FreedomFinder, a Super and Heroic Setting Hack for Starfinder.

In the not-too-distant future, the rapid advances of technology and societal change outstrip the capacity of the law and government officials to keep up. As alien species contact humanity (and begin to move in to once-all-human living spaces), terraforming makes the Moon, Mars, Venus, Titan, Callisto, Ganymede, Europa, Enceladus, and even the dwarf planet Ceres viable living spaces, FTL travel breaks causality, genetic engineering make superhuman abilities commonplace, and quantum engineering and psionic frequency adjustments (both sometimes called “magic”) allow reality itself to be manipulated, the legislatures and courts of the Sol System governments cannot keep up as they are choked with questions ranging from if telepathy is covered as free speech or is considered unlawful search and seizure to the legality of trying someone for a crime committed by a version of themselves from a slightly different reality.

As is always the case, as societal protections and institutions prove inadequate to protect people, gangs, thugs, immoral organizations (from corporations to insincere religions to secret societies) and a dozen brands of organized crime move in to fill the void, profiting on human need and misery in the process. Justice becomes rare. Even essential freedoms are at risk of being lost and forgotten.

The heroes of this new era, the FreedomFinders, don’t intend to allow that.

FreedomFinder is a setting hack for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, designed to use that games’ rules (with a few additions and changes, the “hack” part). It also draws extensively on the rules for tiered mutations for GammaFinder.


(all art by Jacob Blackmon)

There is no assumption that character wear armor in FreedomFinder. Without armor,  you get a bonus to EAC equal to your level, and a bonus to KAC equal to your level +2.
If you are proficient with heavy armor, you get an additional +1 bonus to EAC and KAC, and if you are proficient with powered armor, you get an *additional* +1 bonus to EAC and KAC.
You can wear armor—light armor gives +1 to KAC, with a max Dex of +5 and an armor check penalty of -1, while heavy armor gives +2 to EAC and KAC, with an armor check of -3 and a -5 ft. speed adjustment.
You can also have armor be something you pick up with the Geared power set. In that case you get all its functions EXCEPT its EAC and KAC boost, which are limited to those of light and heavy armor above.
You can gain and use armor upgrades with the Geared power set without depending on actually having any armor upgrade slots. They are simply high-tech devices (HTDs). There is a maximum of how many HTDs you can use at once, equal to one, plus one for every kind of armor you are proficient with, +1/3 character levels.

You can be an envoy, mechanic, operative, or solider at no cost. You can also choose to be any other class, but doing so costs your “B” Power Set (see below), Thus a starting envoy FreedomFinder PC has an A and B beginning power set, while a starting technomancer only gets an A Power Set. At 2nd level, both would receive their C power set.
You gain all the normal class features of your class, though you may choose to swap some out for Power Sets using various Alternate Class Features (see Power Sets, below).

Male Human Battle Wizard color

Every character in FreedomFinder has Power Sets, which are special abilities you possess that place you apart from even the extraordinary members of your species and class. You gain two or three power sets (referred to as sets A, B, and C), depending on your class (see above). Each power set gives you one GammaFinder mutation tier or FreedomFinder Power Set tier at specific character levels, as noted below.

Power Set Tiers by Character Level
1 Power set A tier 1, power set B tier 1
2 Power set C tier 1
3 Power set A tier 2, power set B tier 2
4 Power set C tier 2
5 Power set A tier 3, power set B tier 3
6 Power set C tier 3
7 Power set A tier 4, power set B tier 4
8 Power set C tier 4
9 Power set A tier 5, power set B tier 5
10 Power set C tier 5
11 Power set A tier 6, power set B tier 6
12 Power set C tier 6
13 Power set A tier 7, power set B tier 7
14 Power set C tier 7
15 Power set A tier 8, power set B tier 8
16 Power set C tier 8
17 Power set A tier 9, power set B tier 9
18 Power set C tier 9
19 Power set A tier 10, power set B tier 10
20 Power set C tier 10

You can have any minor, noncombat gear based on real-world items that would normally be light or negligible bulk and 5 credits or less, such as cell phones, flashlights, and so on. You are also considered to have any toolkit you need to use your skills without penalty, as well as a basic medkit if you have ranks in Medicine, but toolkits that grant bonuses must be gained through the geared power set (see below).
You otherwise don’t receive any equipment as “loot,” and this game ignores wealth by level. However, you can take the Geared Power Set for FreedomFinder characters who depend on their equipment to be effective.

Male Punishing Vigilante color

You have access to devices and items others don’t. You may have inherited such items, have them provided to you by some organization that supports you (or that you work for), or have created them yourself.
If one of your items is lost or destroyed, you can replace it within 30 days, though the GM may require you to undertake an adventure to do so.
If an item uses batteries, ammunition, or other minor forms of charges, it refills every day that you have access to your normal supplies and civilization.
It an item is a 1-shot (such as a grenade or serum), it is restored (normally by acquiring a new one from the same source as the original) once every 30 days. Alternatively, you can have a 1-shot item be restored every day by treating it as having an item level 5 levels higher than it’s normal item level for purposes of when the Geared Power Set can access it. For example, if you take a item level 1 grenade as a piece of equipment it is restored every 30 days. But if you treat it as an item level 6 piece of equipment for purposes of the Geared Power Set, you can use the grenade once per day.
The Geared Power Set has three subsets, all of which follow the basic Geared rules. These are Geared (basic), Geared (specialized), and Geared (focused). You may take each of these Geared Power Sets as a separate Power Set if you wish to have a lot of equipment beyond comm units and mundane things.
Geared, Basic
Tier 1-10:
You gain a number of items equal to your tier. The highest level of these has a maximum item level equal to (double your tier) -2, the next-highest a max of (double your tier) -4, and so on.
Geared, Specialized
Tier 1-10: You have two items , each with a maximum item level equal to your double your tier.
Geared, Focused
Tier 1-10: You have a single item, with a maximum item level equal to your 2 + double your tier. Thus at Tier 3, you can have a single (2 + [3 x 2]) 8th level item. Each time you gain a character level, you may change what this item is. If it has a minor form of recharge, it’s capacity is double the norm for an item of its type.

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