Operative Exploits in Really Wild West (for Starfinder)

Having taken a look at the whip in Really Wild West, there are some exploits for operatives that immediately come to mind. Not that are mandatory for whip-use, but that are suggested by it and thematically appropriate.

RWW Operative

(art by warpaintcobra)

New Operative Exploits

2nd level

Dance! (Ex): You can make attacks that do more psychological damage, such as shooting at someone’s feet and forcing them to hop about. When you successfully trick attack a target you can forgo all your trick attack dice to force the target to make a Will save. On a failed save, the target is shaken for a number of rounds equal to your normal dice of trick attack. You can choose to do your non-trick attack weapon damage or not, as you prefer, when you use this ability.

Disarm Trick (Ex): When you succeed at a trick attack using a weapon you could perform a disarm combat maneuver with (normally a melee weapon, unless you have some way to make disarm attacks with ranged weapons), you can forgo all damage to add a bonus to your attack roll equal to your normal dice of trick attack. If you attack roll succeeds, you disarm your foe.

Gusher (Ex): When you successfully trick attack a target, you can forgo one die of trick attack damage to cause the target to gain the bleed condition. The bleed is equal to 1d6 + the number of trick attack dice you normally get.

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