Filling out the GammaFinder/FreedomFinder Tiered Powers (for Starfinder), Part 2

This whole week is about adding tiered powers to the list we have for use in GammaFinderFreedomFinder, or any other Starfinder-compatible campaign setting.

Let’s get to barriers.

GW Wall of stone

(art by Maxim_Kasmin)

You can create a solid barrier. You may choose for your barriers to take half damage from one damage type, but in doing so must make them vulnerable to one other (taking double damage). For example, if your barriers are walls of ice, you might choose for them to be resistant to cold damage, but take double damage from fire.
When you gain upgrades you may select one of the following.
*Increase range by 10 feet/level. You may select this upgrade more than once.
*Increase area radius by 10 feet. You may select this upgrade more than once.
*Increase barrier hardness by a value equal to your tier.
*Double the barrier’s duration if not destroyed.
*Increase your effective tier by 1 for calculating HP and size of the barrier. You may select this upgrade twice if you are tier 4 or higher, and three times if you are tier 8 or higher.
*Increase the number of separate barriers you can have active without paying a RP by 1.
*Gain fine manipulation, allowing you to put doors, windows, or firing slits in your barrier.
*Gain the ability to try to look like some other barrier (such as a wall of a house), allowing a Bluff check with a special additional bonus equal to your tier against the Perception check of observers.
*Gain the ability to cause your barrier to do damage equal to your tier to creatures that hit it with melee attacks, or to radiate that damage one one side for 10 feet. You must select one damage type (acid, bludgeoning, cold, electricity, fire, piercing, slashing, or sonic).
*Gain the ability for your barrier to be difficult to see, requiring a Perception check to notice before interacting with it (DC 10 +1/2 your character level +power tier). Otherwise, the barrier is obvious and blocks line of sight.

Tier 1: As a standard action you can create a barrier, the entirety of which must be within the range and area of your power. This power has a range of 10 feet/character level, and a 20-foot radius. The barrier lasts 1 minute if not destroyed.
You can normally only have 1 barrier active at a time. If you are 5th level or higher you can create additional barriers by expending a Resolve Point to create each barrier after the first.
The barrier is a number of 5-foot cubes no greater than your tier. The cubes must each connect along one side with at least one other cube. Alternatively you can have the barrier be a wall just one foot thick, in which case it is a number of 5-foot lines no greater than your tier and must be a contiguous line that follows the edge of squares.
The total barrier has hardness equal to your tier, and  HP equal to 5 × your tier.
Tier 2: You gain an upgrade.
Tier 3: The HP of the barrier is now per square, rather than for the entire barrier. It’s duration is now ten minutes if not destroyed beforehand.
Tier 4: You gain an upgrade.
Tier 5: The barrier gains resistance equal to its tier against all kinetic attacks, or all energy attacks, Alternative if you choose for your barrier to take half damage from one damage type, you may now make it immune to that damage type.
Tier 6: You gain an upgrade. It’s duration is now one hour if not destroyed beforehand.
Tier 7: You gain an upgrade.
Tier 8: You gain an upgrade.
Tier 9: You gain an upgrade. It’s duration is now 24 hours if not destroyed beforehand.
Tier 10: You gain an upgrade. Alternatively, you can now have the barrier have no maximum duration.

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