Filling out the GammaFinder/FreedomFinder Tiered Powers (for Starfinder), Part 4

This whole week is about adding tiered powers to the list we have for use in GammaFinderFreedomFinder, or any other Starfinder-compatible campaign setting.

As I am sure you could predict yesterday, today we do retrocognition.

Male Psychic in Wheelchair color 9reversed)

(art byJacob Blackmon)

You can look backwards in time to witness past events, though like any sense it is imperfect, can be tricked or fail to note specific details, and has greater difficulty with things further away.
Tier 1: You can look into the past to learn about creatures, items, civilizations, and nearly anything else. You can take 20 on skill checks to recall knowledge without access to an InfoSphere or similar database. This takes one minute, during which time you are flat-footed.
Tier 2: You can invoke your retrocognition as a spell-like ability to look into the past of a person, place, or object. You choose if this functions as akashic download, detect affliction, detect magic, or detect tech. If the spell you select has a spell level equal or greater to 1/3 your character level, this is a major invocation. If the spell level is lower, it is a minor invocation. You can only perform one major invocation once per day. You can perform another minor invocation after you expend 1 Resolve Point to regain Stamina Points following a 10-minute rest.
You do not need any materials mentioned in a spell your retrocognition functions as.
Tier 3: Invoking your retrocognition can now function as comprehend customs, detect augmentation, detect radiation, identify, or know coordinates.
Tier 4: Invoking your retrocognition can now function as recall, scan environment, or share memory.
Tier 5: Invoking your retrocognition can now function as hologram memory.
Tier 6: Invoking your retrocognition can now function as discern lies.
Tier 7: Invoking your retrocognition can now function as commune with nature or commune with planet.
Tier 8: Invoking your retrocognition can now function as retrocognition.
Tier 9: Invoking your retrocognition can now function as the vision.
Tier 10: You gain a +4 bonus to your effective caster level when your ability functions as the retrocognition spell. At caster level 21+, you can look back one century per minute, though only the most impactful event of each century is revealed.

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