Vanguard Multiclass ThemeType (For Starfinder)

We’re starting this week with Multiclass ThemeTypes, which give you some abilities of a second character class but counts as both your theme and as an archetype for the first class you take levels in. We’re focusing on the classes from the COM. We did the biohacker yesterday, and you can pick up the pdf of multiclass themetypes for all the classes from the Core Rulebook at DriveThruRPG.

Multiclass ThemeType abilities marked with (Theme) occur when you reach the listed character level, regardless of what classes you have taken levels in. Those marked (Archetype) are gained only when you reach the listed level in the first character class you take levels in. However, it is also recommended that characters with a Multiclass ThemeType not be allowed to also use normal multiclassing rules (in which case the character’s character level and class level will always match).

A character cannot take class levels in the class that matches their Multiclass ThemeType.

SF vanguard
(art by sogsonyeka)

Vanguard ThemeType
While you lack the in-depth level of training and devotion of a full vanguard, you have studied the supernatural arts of manipulating entropy, and apply it to your pursuits. This does not give you the mighty entropic strike vanguards possess, or their extreme level of durability, but it can swing situations in your favor in ways your foes do not expect.

Key Ability Boost (Theme, 1st level): At 1st level you gain a +1 to your Constitution score. This acts as the normal +1 to ability score gained from a theme.

Theme Knowledge (Ex, Theme, 1st Level): At first level, you gain either Acrobatics or Athletics as a class skill. If you have both of these as class skills from other sources at 1st level, you instead gain a +1 bonus to one of the two skills. Once these choices are made, they cannot be changed.

If you select Acrobatics, you may use your Acrobatics skill bonus as your Athletics skill bonus, and are considered trained in Athletics. If you select Athletics, you may use your Athletics skill bonus as your Acrobatics skill bonus, and are considered trained in Acrobatics.

Minor Entropic Pool (Su, Archetype, 2nd Level): You gain a limited form of the vangaurd’s Entropic Pool ability. This acts as the entropic pool, but with the following modifications.

*When combat begins, you do not gain an Entropy Point (EP)at the beg8nning of your first action. Your maximum entropy pool is 2 EP.
*You only gain entropy points by taking or receiving a critical hit in combat, or taking a full action to charge.
*You do not gain a bonus to AC for having an EP in your entropic pool.
*You can expend your EP to increase your speed, as outlined in the entropic pool class feature, or to add +1d4 damage to an unarmed attack.

Minor Mitigate (Ex, Archetype, 4th Level): You can now use EP for a weakened version of the vanguard mitigate ability. You only reduce damage by an amount equal to half your class level.

Basic Aspect (Ex, Archetype, 6th Level): Select one vanguard aspect. You gain the aspect insight of that aspect.

Basic Discipline (Ex, Theme, 6th Level): You gain one vanguard discipline, selected from the list of 2nd level vanguard disciplines. You treat your character level as your vanguard level for all vanguard disciplines gained from this themetype.

Improved Aspect (Ex, Archetype, 9th Level): You gain aspect embodiment of your aspect.

Improved Discipline (Ex, Theme, 12th Level): You gain one vanguard discipline, selected from the list of 2nd or 6th level vanguard disciplines.

Improved Entropic Pool (Ex, Archetype, 12th Level): Your entropic pool now gains EP in all the normal ways, and has a maxmum of 4 EP.

Greater Discipline (Ex, Theme, 18th Level): You gain one vanguard discipline, selected from the list of 2nd, 6th, or 10th level vanguard disciplines.

Greater Aspect (Ex, Archetype 18th): You now gain the aspect catalyst of your aspect, but not the improved aspect catalyst.

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