OGL Warlock for Starfinder Part 7: More Pact Boons

We’re close to wrapping up one complete build for our OGL warlock for Starfinder. We’ve done the class table and proficienciesspell access and spell slotsthe Fiendish patron, its patron gifts, a set of invocations, and the first two pact boons. We offer up two more pact boons here.

(Art by Grandeduc)

Pact of Alteration (Su): Your physical self is mutated and augmented by bits of technology, magic, and even undead matter over time. Select one of more a biotech, cybernetic, magitech, or necrograft augmentations, which have a total item level no greater than your warlock level. You gain these augmentations, and they do not count against the total number of augmentations you have in any given system. The augmentations are obvious and have a dramatic appearance, similar to what happens to weapons when a weapon fusion is added. This appearance is determined by the player, but should tie into the theme of the warlock’s patron. Once set, this appearance does not change until you next gain a warlock level.

If any augmentation uses charges, rounds, shells, darts, or petrol, those are refilled each time you recuperate*. Any such ammo removed from an upgrade fade away and cannot be used for any other purpose.

You can chance your augmentations each time you gain a warlock level, each time picking augmentation of the listed types with a combined item level no greater than your warlock level.

(Art by chainat)

Pact of Change (Sp): You have gained the power to alter your form. You can cast polymorph on yourself as a spell-like ability. The polymorph spell has a spell-level equal to 1/3 your warlock level 9maximum 6th). When not in combat, the spell loses one minute of duration for every 10 minutes of time that elapses. Beginning at 5th level, you may have one form per warlock level, rather than the spell’s normal limit of 4 forms, but all must be designed between game sessions, and you must regain your daily abilities before you can gain a new form. Once you have used this ability, you cannot do so again until after you recuperate*.

*Recuperate is my proposed game term to represent when a character spends 1 Resolve Point to regain Stamina Points following a 10-minute rest.

Tomorrow we’ll define eldritch mastery, and then we’ll be done!

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