OGL Warlock for Starfinder Part 8: Archetypes and NPCs

Unlike a lot of other d20 games, the Starfinder Roleplaying game needs special rules to apply archetypes to PCs of any class, and to create NPCs for that class. So even if you have all the stand-alone class rules, you haven’t really “finished” a class until you have these.

So, here are the last rules you need to fully integrate warlocks into any Starfinder Roleplaying Game campaign you might have (such as the Really Wild West!).

(Really Wild West Lashunta Celestial Warlock by Jacob Blackmon)

Warlocks with Archetypes.

As with any Starfinder Roleplaying Game class, a warlock that takes an archetype has some of its class features altered or replaced, as noted below.

Altered or Replaced Warlock Class Features

For any level at which an archetype provides an alternate class feature, a warlock who takes the archetype alters or replaces the listed class features.

2nd, 9th: You do not gain an invocation.

4th: You do not gain your pact boon until 5th level. At 5th level you gain a pact boon rather than an invocation.

6th, 12th, 18th: You do not gain a patron gift.

No description available.
(Really Wild West Tiefling Fiendish Warlock by Jacob Blackmon)

Warlock Class Graft

If you wish to make a warlock NPC, you can use the following class graft along with the standard rules for doing so found in the Starfinder Alien Archive.

Special Rules – Patron: Select a patron and give the warlock the associated eldritch blast and eldritch power. The eldritch blast should do damage appropriate for the NPC’s CR.

Special Rules – Spells: All spells must be selected from the mystic or witchwarper spell list. If the warlock is CR 10 or higher, reduce the level of all its available spells in each encounter by one spell level.

Required Array: Spellcaster.

Adjustments: +2 to Reflex saving throws.

Skills: Master Bluff, Intimidate, and Culture or Perception.

Ability Score Modifiers: Highest bonus goes to Charisma, Intelligence, or Wisdom, then Dexterity and Constitution.

Gear: Light or heavy armor (item level = CR), small arm (item level = CR), and basic melee weapon (item level = CR – 1).


CR           Abilities

1              Patron and one special ability.
2              Patron, one invocation, and one special ability.
4              Patron, pact boon, one invocation, and one special ability.
9              Patron, pact boon, one invocation, one patron gift, and one special ability.
12           Patron, pact boon, two invocations, one patron gift, and one special ability.
15           Patron, pact boon, two invocations, two patron gift, and one special ability.
20           Patron, pact boon, eldritch mastery, two invocations, two patron gift, and one special ability.

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