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So, full disclosure, I like most of the people who run and work for Legendary games. I have worked for them myself, and still make money on some of that work.

And this is not an editorial. This is news, and some context that has come to my attention. My opinion on the core of this matter really isn’t relevant.

Legendary recently announced the Asian Spell Companion. Again, my opinion of that book does not matter. So, let me direct you to someone else’s voice on the subject — Daniel Kwan, an accomplished and skilled game industry professional. I happen to agree with him, but my agreement isn’t the important thing here.

Today, Legendary posted their response to the entirely-reasonable reaction to this product. You can read it here. But even beyond that statement, there’s something Legendary’s Jason Eric Nelson noted in a comment on my own Facebook page when someone asked him “Are the products culturally insensitive or were they designed to be a positive portrayal of Asian cultures?”

His response is worth highlighting and, with his permission, I now add here.

“Intent matters less than impact. They weren’t designed with any ill intent. But that doesn’t mean they can’t create negative impact, especially for Asian gamers.”

I agree with Jason on that.

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