More Sigil Scion Options for PF1

So, I wrote up a short set of options for “Sigil Scions,” themed abilities you can stack onto PF1 characters (or monsters) to give them a significant boost in effectiveness. And I have a system for turning oracle mysteries into domains, which would make access to some revelations an option.

But the Sigil Scion rules assume everyone is going to get some spell power, and not everyone WANTS spells — even bonus Still Spells with Eschew Material Components — for their characters.

Enter Sigil Seals.

Sigil Seals

If using the Sigil Scion rules, a character may take a Sigil Seal in place of Sigil Spells or Sigil Power. A Sigial Scion may replace both Sigil Spells and Sigil Power with Sigil Seals, if desired.

Sigil Seals grants a power at 1st level, and again at 8th level. These powers may be bonus feats, alchemist discoveries, the investigator inspiration, magus discoveries, ninja tricks, rogue talents, shaman hexes, slayer talents, or witches hexes. When selecting bonus feats, you do not need to meet any ability score prerequisite, but all other prerequisites must be met normally.

For other choices, you gain the abilities of the selected ability, using your total character level as your level in the relevant class. If the ability is fueled by a pool of points you do not possess (such as an arcane reservoir for arcanist exploits, or inspiration pool), you gain the relevant pool with a total number of points equal to 1 +1/3 your character level. If you select an investigator inspiration, you gain an inspiration pool and inspiration die using your character level as a class level. If you take investigator inspiration, you may then select an investigator talent if you get another Sigil Seal selection. (For example, a character taking Sigil Seals twice at 1st level could select investigator inspiration and an investigator talent as their two 1st level selections.)

You do not gain any ability not expressly granted by the selection. However, you can apply any option from the selected class feature to relevant options gained from other classes (so if you are a druid, and you select the focused summoning arcanist exploit, you do not gain access to arcanist summoning spells, but you can apply the exploit to your druidic summoning spells).

When you first gain a Sigil Seal, select one ability modifier. Any time your Sigil Seal refer to an ability score or modifier (such as to determine save DCs or uses per day), you use the selected ability.

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