Mythic Spells for Starfinder

I’ve been looking at some Mythic Stars ideas recently, as I am in a Mythic Starfinder game and that’ looking to be a good jumping-off point to publish some Mythic Starfinder content. I created some new tiered spells for the game yesterday, so I could use them to experiment with various options for mythic spells. I though tiered spells might need special rules for mythic versions, compared to normal spells.


I mean maybe, but so far I am happy with the rules for mythic versions of tiered spells that can simply apply to the mythic spell at any spell level.

Here are the mythic variations of yesterday’s spells I’m looking at:

Mythic Magic Missile

You always receive the number of missiles normally reserved for casting the spell as a full action. You can target unattended objects with your magic missiles.

Mythic Reflecting Armor

It does not require a reaction to dismiss your armor–you can dismiss any time you take damage without taking an action as long as you are not helpless. When you dismiss the spell, the amount of damage you take from the reflected attack is reduced by an amount equal to your caster level (to a minimum of taking 0 damage).

Mythic Shifting Surge

The spell’s duration becomes 1 minute/level or until activated. The spell has no effect until activated. The subject of your spell can activate it as part of any action that includes an attack. Once activated, the spell has its normal duration and effect. If the subject can make multiple attacks augmented by the spell, it can choose to do a different type of energy damage with each attack.

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