Improved Override for Starfinder Mechanics

It is a source of some frustration among many mechanic players that they can’t hack androids and robots and control their actions as much sci-fi has taught them they should expect. Only the override class feature begins to allow mechanics to take such actions, and even it is pretty limited compared to examples in genre fiction. There are good reasons for this, but about the time mystics are picking up dominate person, mechanics should be gaining similar options for constructs.

But, that’s easy to fix!

14th Level Mechanic Tricks

Improved Override (Ex): Your ability to override the programming of constructs is far more advanced than most mechanics. When the target of your override fails their saving throw against the ability, you can control their actions as if you had successfully affected them with a dominate person spell. This effect is nonmagical, and you establish wireless comlink communication rather than telepathic, and it affects creatures you can target with override rather than humanoids. You can only have one target controlled by an improved override at a time, and once a creature has attempted a saving throw against override or improved override (regardless of the result), it is immune to further uses of either ability 24 hours. you must have the override class feature to select this trick.

Once you use this ability, you cannot do so again until you recuperate*.

*Recuperate is my proposed term for when a character takes a 10-minute rest and expends a Resolve point to regain stamina.

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