Psionic ThemeType for Starfinder

I originally created the ThemeType rules as an alternate form of multiclassing, allowing a character to trade in their theme and swap out abilities using the archetype rules to gain some abilities from a second character class without interrupting their normal character class progression. However, you can also use ThemeTypes to represent a major additional source of power or training that doesn’t qualify to be its own class, but it more than a mere archetype.

For example, here is the psionic ThemeType, to allow a character of any class to gain significant mental powers.

Multiclass ThemeType abilities marked with (Theme) occur when you reach the listed character level, regardless of what classes you have taken levels in. Those marked (Archetype) are gained only when you reach the listed level in the first character class you take levels in. However, it is also recommended that characters with a Multiclass ThemeType not be allowed to also use normal multiclassing rules (in which case the character’s character level and class level will always match).

Psionic ThemeType

You have significant, and growing, mental powers. These might be an expansion of natural mental abilities, the result of some x-factor within your DNA (or equivalent core make-up), the result of mystic or super-science augmentation, or a side effect of being exposed to strange energies even you do not understand. Your psionic powers begin as little more than hunches and slightly improved ability to interact with others, and turns into the power to direct blasts of pure psionic power and move objects with your mind.

Theme Knowledge (Ex, Theme, 1st Level): At first level, you select two of the following skills of your choice: Bluff, Diplomacy, Mysticism, or Sense Motive. For each selected skill, if it is not already a class skill, it becomes a class skill. It you do have the skill as a class skill from other source, you instead gain a +1 bonus to that skill. Once these choices are made, they cannot be changed.

Telepathy (Su, Archetype, 2nd Level): You gain limited telepathy with a range of 30 feet. If you already have limited telepathy, its range increases to 120 feet, and whenever you encounter a creature that has a language but does not have a common language with you, you may make a Will save as a reaction (DC 15 + 1.5x creature’s level or CR), and on a successful save for 24 hours you may communicate with the creature with telepathy as if you had a common language. You may only make one such save for a specific creature each 24 hours.

Psionic Bolt (Sp, Archetype, 4th Level): You can cast mind thrust at will. This functions as the 1st level version of the spell, but deals only 1d10 damage on a failed save. Your caster level is equal to your character level, and the spell’s save DC is equal to 11 + your key ability modifier. This increases to 2d10 and a save DC of 12 + your key ability modifier at level 7, 3d10 and a save DC of 13 + your key ability modifier at level 10, 5d10 and a save DC of 14 + your key ability modifier at level 13, and 7d10 and a save DC of 15 + your key ability modifier at level 16.

Minor Telekinesis (Theme, 6th Level): You can cast psychokinetic hand and telekinetic projectile at will. If you can already cast psychokinetic hand at will from another source, instead the range of the spell increases to 60 feet, the max weight increases to 20 lbs or 2 bulk, and the speed you can move an object increases to 30 feet per round. If you can already cast telekinetic projectile at will from another source, instead you add x1.5 your character level to damage done with the spell.

Detect Thoughts (Sp, Archetype, 6th Level): You can cast detect thoughts. Once you have used this ability, you cannot use it again until after you recuperate*.

Calm Mind (Sp, Archetype, 9th Level): You can cast lesser remove condition, but only to remove the shaken condition. Once you have used this ability, you cannot use it again until after you recuperate*. At 12th level, you can instead use this ability to cast remove condition, but only to remove the frightened condition. At 15th level, you can instead use this ability to cast greater remove condition, but only to remove the cowering or dazed condition.

Precognition (Sp, Theme, 12th Level): As a move action, you can cast augury. Once you have used this ability, you cannot use it again until after you recuperate*.

Mental Defense (Su, Archetype, 12th Level): If you succeed at a Will save against an effect that normally has a partial effect on a successful save, you instead take no effect. If you take damage from something that allows a Will save, you reduce the damage you take by 20.

Psionic Power (Theme, 18th Level): If you normally could not use an ability gained from this ThemeType until after you next recuperate*, you can instead expend a Resolve Point to use it immediately..

Greater Psionics (Sp, Archetype 18th): Once per day, you can cast telekinesis, telepathy, or teleportation.

(Art by White Raven)

*Recuperate is my proposed term for when a character takes a 10-minute rest and expends a Resolve point to regain Stamina points.


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