Converting PF1 spells to Starfinder: Abeyance

Still converting Pathfinder 1st edition spells to Starfinder, and going back to alphabetical order, with abeyance. (You can find an index of the spells that have been converted to-date here).

In Pathfinder 1st edition, abeyance allows you to temporarily suppress a spell you could remove with remove curse, but only once. It’s a pretty straightforward concept. There are a few tricks to getting this conversion right–you have to know that there’s no “remove curse” spell in Starfinder, it’s function being subsumed by the much broader remove affliction. (Interesting aside: ever wonder WHY we blended neutralize disease, remove curse, and remove disease into a single spell in Starfinder? It’s because since all spellcasters are spontaneous casters, rather than most being preparation-based as in PF1, and no class gets access to its entire spell list as spells known, as clerics and druids and many divine casters do in PF1, selecting a spell to remove affections that only show up in-game occasionally is a much bigger commitment. So making sure all afflictions can be handled by one spell makes it more likely it’ll be useful, and you never have to face selecting remove disease as a spell and then discovering you are in an adventure that only has curses and poisons).

So, we want to keep that design philosophy alive with abeyance, and we want to make sure our new spells is level-balanced and given to appropriate classes as a Starfinder option. You can detect afflictions as a 0-level spell, and being able to remove them is a 3rd level spell, so a once-only spell to suspend them temporarily (especially given the travel times involved in spaceships in Starfinder) is definitely a 1st-level spell, and likely one you only select once you are at least mid-level.

Classes mystic 1, witchwarper 1
School abjuration (healing)
Casting Time 1 minute
Range touch
Target creature touched
Duration 24 hours
Saving Throw Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)

Abeyance suppresses the effects of a single afflcition (a curse, disease, or poison) on a creature. It does not restore any damage or drain that might have been caused by the affliction. Abeyance cannot suppress afflictions that cannot be removed by remove affliction, but it can suppress afflictions such as lycanthropy that require remove affliction along with additional measures. Once an individual affliction has been suppressed only by abeyance, it cannot be suppressed by the spell again, even if its cast by a different caster. However, if an affliction is being actively suppressed by an abeyance, casting abeyance on that target against before the duration ends resets the duration for another 24 hours. It is possible to suspend an infliction indefinitely this way, as long as the duration is never allowed to run out.

Abeyance does not allow a creature to divest itself of cursed objects, though it can suppress a curse contracted from an object.

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